Is Elizabeth Banks Joking about Cocaine Bear’s Revenge Story?

credit: Cocaine Bear

It’s tough to know if Elizabeth Banks is being serious or if she’s kidding. Still, her sympathy for the bear that inspired this movie would no doubt be felt by others either because they are genuinely concerned for a forest creature that mistakenly ingested enough cocaine to kill several people. However, the idea inspired by this incident was bound to become something that looks almost as insane as this movie. After watching the trailer, it’s easy enough to laugh and think that Banks might have a cult classic on her hands, but listening to her speak makes one wonder if she firmly believes in her own words or is ironic when talking about how nature will always win. In one sense, that line is actual, but about this movie and how Cokey the bear (yeah, the bear has a name) reacts after ingesting the white powder that’s found after being dropped in the forest, one might think that her response to such a story is more than a little over the top. Of course, many people would expect and accept this since it looks like a crazy movie that might be worth watching since, yes, a bear that’s coked out of its mind does sound insanely dangerous. But is she being serious, or is she joking? 

credit: Cocaine Bear

The real cocaine bear did not go on a rampage

An autopsy was performed after the real bear had been dead for some time, as it was reported that the body had lain in the forest for some time until it was found. But what can be deduced is that the bear did not go on a cocaine-fueled rampage that resulted in the loss of life and the damage of various properties. At the same time, some might state that there’s no way to know what might have happened during the time between when the bear ingested the cocaine, and when it expired, bear attacks are often reported when they occur in the same capacity as seen in the trailer. In other words, had the real bear gone on a rampage, it would have been a news story that would have made its way into the public consciousness without fail. As it is, Banks has based her ‘nature vs. humans’ comedy on a story that is, without any doubt, interesting because it’s not something one hears about all the time. 

This movie looks like something that could amount to a flash-in-the-pan or a slow-burning horror comedy

The response from Banks feels as though it’s been predetermined if Cocaine Bear doesn’t electrify the audience, as might be the intent. If she’s seeking to make people laugh and give them a jolt simultaneously, it could very quickly happen since, after watching the trailer, it could be said that this movie looks like something that might give people a good laugh and a few nightmares. The fear that it might cause people to look warily into the woods, wondering if a black bear will suddenly come charging out of the shadow, feels relatively low. Unlike movies such as Jaws, Arachnophobia, and many others, it feels likely that people will look at this movie as a drug-infused fantasy that has little to no chance of ever happening. If anything, this could be a movie that people will be talking about for months and even years to come simply because it’s ridiculous that people tend to love it. 

credit: Cocaine Bear

This looks like the type of movie that will gain popularity from its ridiculous premise

Calling this movie ridiculous, or saying that this is how it looks, is not an insult since the truth is that it does look wild and insane, but in a manner that will keep people entertained since it allows them to turn off their brains to enjoy what Banks is offering. It does feel that very few people will be worried about humans vs. nature in this movie, even though Banks is pushing this idea. If nothing else, her statements will fuel the inane premise of this movie and bolster the story. 

Nature is resilient, but this is a strange story to use in defense of that

There’s nothing definitive to say that this movie will be good or bad at this point, but it does look like it’s worth a watch, at the very least. As for Banks’ comments about nature consistently winning, one might need to let those go and realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But if one wishes to enjoy the movie, it might be best to push those comments aside for an hour or more and watch as the story unfolds. 

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