Will Halloween 2018 Could Kill Michael Myers For Good

There’s a rumor that Halloween 2018 could kill off Michael Meyers for good, and people are already wondering just what that would be like. It might be wrong to say hallelujah but at this point it seems like something that needs to be said anyway. You could argue that Meyers has been a cash cow for a long time but you’d be wrong since the Halloween sequels haven’t made quite that much in comparison to the original, at least not initially. If anything, the Halloween franchise has been kicking out false starts ever since H20 became H-Oh no. Right about now Meyers needs to find a nice quiet place to rest his head before someone chops it off for the last time, and then it’s time to let him rest.

Jamie Lee Curtis, the woman that helped bring this franchise to what it is now, has even expressed her displeasure with being drawn back more than once. She even wanted her character killed off at one point so there would be no coming back. Let’s face facts, Michael Meyers has been awesome in his time but he’s never been quite as popular as other movie monsters such as Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and even a few others that gained notoriety throughout the years. Even Ghostface managed to one-up Meyers for a while, and every person that put on that particular mask was mortal. It’s about time to put Meyers out to pasture I’m sorry to say since at this time he’s kind of gone by the wayside.

Unkillable killers are great and all but when you know they’ll keep coming back and somehow mysteriously showing up where you least expect them the thrill of it kind of goes away after a while. If there’s no escape and no killing them then the theory that the monsters could eventually kill the entire world just for crossing them would hold a lot of weight. Just imagine a universe in which the movie monsters that we’ve been so scared of for years held sway. Freddy could attack people in their dreams while the likes of Jason and Michael Meyers could stalk them while they were awake. Chucky could get in on the act, maybe even Pumpkinhead too, as he’s just about as indestructible as the rest. And hey, what about the Creep from Jeepers Creepers? Might as well let them all have their fun, and let’s not forget Pennywise. So long as the others keep people terrified he’s free to do what he wants as well.

See? Unkillable killers could rule the world if they were really motivated to work together and not clash with each other. If a murdering psychopath is that hard to get rid of there’s really no way to stop the franchise without coming up with something that is ironclad and can’t be contradicted. And really, are you expecting the writers of these films to buck tradition and do that? This would mean coming up with new, credible movie killers to use that people would like. I’d love to throw down the gauntlet and challenge Hollywood, but then they’d just take my new killer and warp him into a franchise that lasts too long as well I think.

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