Anyone Else Think Johnny Depp is Kind of Turning into Keith Richards?

Anyone Else Think Johnny Depp is Kind of Turning into Keith Richards?

Anyone Else Think Johnny Depp is Kind of Turning into Keith Richards?

When you put Johnny Depp and Keith Richards side by side there is a faint resemblance, sort of like a before and after picture for some product that one wouldn’t want to buy. But as Johnny Depp gets older his looks are starting to fade just a bit, but he hasn’t slipped into the full Richards look yet. If he keeps experiencing the stress that he’s likely been under over the past couple of years it’s very possible that he might end up looking like Richards sooner rather than later, but when it came to the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, the two could have easily been related just looking at them. But Depp has definitely been aging over the years, and as his career has become an uncertain thing it doesn’t appear that it’s done him much good either, though the heartthrob from decades ago is still pushing forward somehow through all that he’s been through. One can honestly say that Johnny Depp is never going to be the rockstar that Keith Richards has been for so long, not even as an actor since the two are quite different in that regard.

But when it comes to his career, Johnny does have a bit in common with Richards since he’s been around long enough that people simply like him because of who he is and because he’s been around for decades now and has been a great part of his industry. But there’s also something that people like about that bad boy image that both men have exhibited at times. They both have a style that’s all their own, but when they get together it feels as though they simply vibe off of each other and are as perfect a pair as anyone could possibly describe. It’s hard to lay down the right words for their friendship and the way that Depp appears to be created from roughly the same type of mold as Richards, but it’s easy to see as he continues to age and as he does his own thing so often.

Some might want to say that there’s no resemblance and no possible way to tie these two men together in any way, but the truth is that after being seen around one another for so long, the two men do share some faint resemblance, and there’s no doubt that there’s a wild energy that appears to swirl around both of them that’s hard to understand at times but is infectious in a way. Trying to define it is kind of tough, but it’s there to be witnessed if people have ever taken the time. There’s also a very deep passion for music that both of them have, but that Keith is definitely the master of while Johnny has a decent musician but not even close to being on the same level as Keith. The fact that these two have been friends for so long isn’t really that amazing but it is impressive since there is about a 19-year age gap between them, which doesn’t matter that much but is still worth noting since both men are in very different stages of their lives. Richards is full-on elderly in age if not in practice, while Johnny is still reaching that point as he continues to make his way through life.

One day it might be possible to say that Johnny has completely morphed into Keith, but it’s going to be a while no doubt since Depp is still a young man by comparison, but his lifestyle appears to be going in a similar direction as Richards, which could mean more trouble ahead that he’ll pull out of due to his status as a celebrity. The sad thing is that this part isn’t a joke since after all the stuff that Richards has done and managed to get away with it feels as though Depp has done the same in a big way. But if one is being honest there are a lot of celebrities out there that have managed to get away with quite a bit in their lives and have been spared jail time since their money can buy the best lawyers in town that can use whatever evidence or supposed evidence can be found to get them off the hook.

Keith Richards alone should have spent a substantial amount of time in jail or prison and has been allowed to walk free more than once simply because of his status as a celebrity. Johnny might not have committed as many crimes as his friend but it’s easy to think that he might have gotten away with his fair share of criminal offenses throughout his life simply because of who he is. It’s a slippery slope to go down when it comes to asking why celebrities don’t have to follow the law like everyone else, so let’s just finish up by saying that when it comes to Depp and Richards, it’s likely that in another ten to twenty years, Depp will in fact become another Keith Richards, in appearance at least. a lot of celebrities

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