The Witcher: Blood Origin Has a Great Cast Lined Up

The Witcher: Blood Origin Has a Great Cast Lined Up
The Witcher: Blood Origin' Trailer: Michelle Yeoh Stars in Prequel - Variety

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It doesn’t feel as though there’s a lot of buzz about The Witcher: Blood Origin at this time, but there could be plenty of hype coming since it’s going to be released on Netflix this coming December. It’s also looking as though this show is going to be featuring several great actors, but sadly one of them won’t be Henry Cavill since this series is set 1,200 years before the original show, meaning that the fans will get to see the beginning of the Witcher’s, and the Conjunction of the Spheres, which has been discussed in the show at this point. Learning how the Witcher’s first came to be and how their role became such a hated one in the story is going to be interesting, to be certain, especially since in the current story, this sect has already lost a good number of their people and have been fighting for quite a while. It does feel as though people are going to need to be led into this story since, while it does belong to the Witcher storyline, it’s going further back than any story has up to this point. 

First Photo & Info on Minnie Driver's Character in 'The Witcher: Blood  Origin'

credit: The Witcher: Blood Origin

The fact that Minnie Driver and Michelle Yeoh are coming to the cast is fun to hear. 

Michelle Yeoh is an addition that’s easier to understand since she’s been a part of the fantasy and adventure genre in the past, while Minnie Driver is more about drama and even comedy from time to time. But the upside is that they’re both great actresses and should hopefully lend a great deal of expertise to this series since they’ve been around long enough to lead or support a cast with equal success. How this story is going to start off, though, is intriguing since it feels as though the elves are going to be the most prominent force in this show, which will be great since the overall animosity that’s felt in The Witcher is enough to confuse some viewers, especially if they haven’t read the books yet. 

Focusing on the elves will be a great way to understand how they come to be so antagonistic. 

The relationship between every other race and the elves feels strained from the start in The Witcher since, without any real knowledge of how things started, a lot of viewers have been forced to Google the answers as to how the series has been shaped thus far. Giving a greater presence to the elves means that people could possibly go back and enjoy The Witcher a little more since they would have a greater understanding of how the world works. One thing that’s been evident since The Witcher came out is that there are plenty of people who like the series but still don’t understand a lot of what’s going on when it comes to how the world functions and why it matters. The elves have at this time been rather brutal since they’ve been seeking to regain their home and to find their way among the humans, only to meet with a great deal of misery and pain that many of the pointed-ear people feel is not their due. 

THE WITCHER: BLOOD ORIGIN - Netflix Releases The First Trailer For Upcoming  Prequel Series

credit: The Witcher: Blood Origin

The process of making the first Witcher feels like it will be intense. 

Seeing how the process in The Witcher has already been notably brutal, one almost has to assume that the first Witcher will be the only survivor of those who is selected to take on this lifelong task. Imaging what the first Witcher will be like and how this process will change them is something that one can only hope is going to be interesting enough to set the tone for the series as it moves forward. There’s already so much to The Witcher that it’s becoming a fairly complicated story that requires a great deal of reading as well as patience. But when all is said and done, the story has become impressive enough to be followed intently, and a lot of people have come to love it for the characters. One can only hope that the same thing will happen come December. 

Hopefully, this series will run seamlessly into the show that’s already been established. 

One thing that tends to happen from time to time when it comes to expanding a story is that origins will end up contradicting the story that’s already in place. Given the history that The Witcher has already mentioned and laid down in part, this series will likely seek to paint a vivid picture. Using Michelle Yeoh, Minnie Driver, and several other talented actors, it’s very easy to believe that The Witcher will gain another chapter that will give a solid foundation to the story that people have already come to enjoy. 

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