10 Things You Didn’t Know about Big Daddy Weave

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Big Daddy Weave

Spreading the gospel has never been easy. It takes a lot of struggles and commitments. To ensure that all the people you reach get to hear of the word, you face resistance in some of the places. The work of spreading the gospel also involves visiting different areas where you might encounter challenges. Big Daddy Weave is a group that has been through several experiences of spreading the gospel. Big Daddy Weave is a band of contemporary Christian music that comprises friends. The band makes use of their talent in music to spread the gospel and has produced several hit songs that their fans love. Get to know more about the group by checking these facts.

1. The band started in 1998

Big Daddy Weave began operating in 1998. It was formed by friends who had a common goal of spreading the gospel to the people around them using their musical capabilities. They started by preaching to small groups of people and inspiring them with their songs. Their work got the attention of many, and they were invited to several places to carry out their mission. The band became popular with their songs always on play in several areas.

2. Mike Weaver started the band

Mike weaver from Alabama was the founder of the group. He gave the band the name using his nicknames. Because of his big body, a guy from his church called him “Big Daddy.” He also got the name “Weave” while he was playing football. When he formed the band, he decided to call it Big Daddy Weave and the Institution. They later shortened it to Big Daddy Weave after signing a contract with Nashville Records as per Ami Right.

3. It is made up of 5 band members

Big Daddy Weave comprises five band members. Four of the members have been in the band since 1998, but Beihl joined them in 2013 to replace Jeff Jones. The band members have different roles to play. Mike weaver plays the guitar and is a leader of vocals. Jay, on the other hand, is a player of the bass guitar. Joe Shirk plays keyboards and saxophones; she also leads backing vocals. Jeremy Redmon plays the guitar and backups vocals. Brian Beihl joined the group to assist with the drums. Each band member plays the part that they are good at to make the band a success.

4. The band members met in college

The band members of Big Daddy Weave met in college, according to Wikipedia while studying at the University of Mobile. Mike leader, who is the founder was a worship leader in the church that he used to attend and was part of many community developments in the area. He went to college to study voice after his pastor urged him to do it. He met the fellow band members, and they went ahead to establish the band.

5. The band leader nearly called it quits

In 2012, Mike Weaver, who was the band leader, almost called quit the group. He raised the question of whether to end the band to his colleagues. According to Compass, Mike felt disconnected from God. He thought they were not doing all it takes to bring fans closer to God. There was a point when they found very few people were interested in their events. The low turn-up made them think that they are no longer supposed to serve the people. They later meditated and got the spirit to fight on.

6. One band member was amputated

Jason Weaver, who is a member of the band, had both of his legs amputated. Jason had diabetes that was becoming serious and affected his legs. The band members shared the story on their Facebook post of the condition of their colleague. The amputation was successful, and the members celebrated when Jason could walk again. They posted a video celebrating to have their member back after the amputation, which shows how the members are united and support each other.

7. They tour all parts of the world

Big Daddy Weave is concerned with spreading the word of God to people in all parts of the world through their songs and preaching. They have a target of bringing many people close to God, so their calendar is full of events that they always strive to have done. At the beginning of 2017, they had a mission to visit 25 cities to preach the gospel.

8. They sell branded outfits

Big Daddy Weave brands t-shirts, pens, and capes with the name of the songs that they have and sell them to interested parties. On their official site, we can see a collection of t-shirts that are available for sale. The money that they get through the purchase of the branded t-shirts assist them in running some of their programs. In their collection, one can also find compact discs of their albums which you can order online and have them delivered.

9. The band has won several awards

Big Daddy Weave has won many awards. In 2010, their album “Christmas” won Dove’s award for album of the year. The band also won Christian Music Awards for two consecutive years, in 2003 and 2004. Their song, “My Story” also won Dove’s award for the contemporary song of the year. The band got nominations for various awards which facilitated the rise of the group to becoming famous. Their songs appeared as one of the most played in 2003 and many television shows and radio stations featured their tunes in their playlists.

10. The band works with World Vision to sponsor children

The group does not only preach and sing, but they also sponsor children. As the members of the band were spreading the gospel in some places, they found children that cannot access basic needs. Most of the children from developing nations were living in extreme levels of poverty. The band decided to help them put by partnering with World Vision. Their sponsorship covers their education and their general welfare. They believe that supporting a child is a way of fulfilling the promises of God.

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