What Would a 50 Cent Directed Marvel Movie Even Look Like?

What Would a 50 Cent Directed Marvel Movie Even Look Like?

It’s definitely important to mention, and Kevin Burwick from MovieWeb has even affirmed this, that Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent is joking when he hopes that directing an MCU movie might be nice if it doesn’t take up too much of his time. Honestly it might be kind of interesting to see if he’s really got the chops he thinks he does after directing an episode of the STARZ show Power. Getting him on an MCU set seems like it might be kind of a stretch as far as the movies go however so maybe it would be more feasible to have him direct one of the many shows that have been planned for Disney Plus, as there seems to be a lot of open spots where he could insert himself. As far as what it looks like, well, that’s hard to say since it’s kind of easy to think that he’d be under just as much pressure to stick to the material as any other director and could possibly be given some leeway to do what he feels needs to be done. Even directors have to follow the script though, and perhaps as someone that’s still kind of coming up as a director it would be wise to stick to what’s there and not deviate too much. Obviously a director needs freedom to do what they feel is best, but it’s also important to think about what people are going to want to watch and whether or not their vision will align with that.

More than likely it might be a while before we get to see a 50 Cent-inspired MCU show or movie since it would seem that he might need to get a few more gigs under his belt before anyone really considers him as a top contender for the position. But he’s already getting a lot of support from people that think he’d be a good fit like Mark Lynch from Fansided who thinks that 50 would be a great addition to the overall team. It’s hard to say a resounding yes to this simply because while he has proven to be a decent director, his episode of Power is getting great reviews after all, it’s still hard to see him as anything but a rapper or actor even when he’s already on the road to success behind the camera as well. Jackson has definitely made his case for being a director and he’s taking all the right steps, but one thing that he might need to do is dive headfirst into Marvel lore to find out just what the company is about and where and why he might into it. There’s nothing to say that he wouldn’t be able to do this, but knowing as much about it and the many stories that are out there in the Marvel universe would be a wise move since it would make him that much more valuable to the company and capable of taking on one project or another that was offered, should he be given the call.

Alex Zidel of HotNewHipHop makes it sound as though Power can’t afford Jackson any longer and it could be the truth, but that could also be a red flag for anyone that wants to hire Jackson if money is going to be the only motivation for him to work anywhere. Of course a lot of people would argue that money is the only motivation that anyone has to work in the first place. Pardon me while I disagree since liking what you do is just as important as getting paid, but if you don’t think you’re paid enough then you might need to step back and look at your lifestyle. This could be just a lot of hype and it could be that Jackson simply wants to move on to bigger and better projects, but if the rate of pay is what’s keeping him back then it’s probably best that he think about it before making his way to the MCU for a job application. Honestly they usually seem willing to pay just about anyone that can make them money, and while Jackson hasn’t proven himself to them just yet, even with an episode that many think was great, it’s not likely that they’re going to be paying him top dollar unless they think he’s worth it. Even Disney isn’t that loose with their money.

In the long run it does sound interesting to have 50 Cent make his way over to the MCU and it could be intriguing to have him try his hand at making a superhero movie, but in all honesty seeing it happen might take a while since Disney seems to have things well in hand at the moment and could be trying to gauge just whether or not he’d be worth the effort. Maybe one day it will happen.

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