Appreciating the Amazing Work of Kevin Yagher

Appreciating the Amazing Work of Kevin Yagher

Appreciating the Amazing Work of Kevin Yagher

Discussions such as this make it appear that being a special effects supervisor would be nothing but fun and inspiration, and it likely is since the things they end up creating are works of art that are often used in movies, but it’s a lot of work as well. Just the explanation of how the muscle suits that were created for Bill and Ted Face the Music is intense since learning that both Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are admittedly getting older and have a few back issues that would prohibit them from wearing anything too heavy. This shows that the job isn’t just about looking good, but it’s about function as well. A special effects team has to be aware of how the materials they’re using and how they’re going to affect the actors as Kevin Yagher goes on to state just how tough it was for Winter and Reeves to sit in the suits for any period of time. Hearing how they had to peel the actors and the stunt doubles out of the suits so often is kind of insane but it’s how these things get done on various movies, and Yagher has been proven to be one of the best when it comes to creating, maintaining, and developing certain effects that are both practical and amazing to look at.

To say that a special effects team or the supervisor don’t get enough credit isn’t entirely accurate since the pay they receive and the fact that so many people depend on them is easy to imagine since they’re the people on the set that are in charge of how the effects are going to play out. Obviously, they take their marching orders from those that are in charge of the movie, but at the same time, they have a lot of responsibility and a great deal of leeway in what they can do when it comes to the appearance of the materials used. It does sound as though they’re often given plenty of inspiration to go on, but their vision is what will eventually drive the effects of a movie and make the story come to life the way that it should. Yagher has worked on a number of well-known movies throughout his career and is responsible for Chucky in a big way, so if you’ve had nightmares about killer dolls, he’s the guy to thank for it. But his work has been highly recognized over the years, and he’s even worked on several of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies as well as other pictures outside of horror such as Honey I Blew Up the Kid.

It’s actually very difficult to discount a special effects team since they have a lot to do with bringing up the marketability of a movie and are often hard at work on more than one project at a time since as you can guess, one director isn’t about to wait for another to get their picture out, and they might need the services of the same people that they have faith in when it comes to creating the special effects they need. This is why it’s difficult to think that special effects individuals are undervalued since they’re likely kept pretty busy and as a result, they’re likely to be highly valued in show business since a lot of them work a great deal of magic when it comes to the movies they work on. While CGI has become a big part of a lot of movies, practical effects that don’t rely on a computer are still quite popular and come off a lot better in some cases. The work done by those in the special effects department is still invaluable to any movie since when it comes to cost it’s hard to say which is more efficient, but a lot of people still love the more practical effects since they might look cheesy sometimes, but they look a little more impressive and a little more real since the people behind the effects are using real materials and aren’t forced to deal with motion-capture suits as much.

Yagher has been in the game for just a few years shy of four decades, so stating that he knows what he’s doing and that he’s likely able to walk onto a set and have a good idea of what’s needed is pretty accurate. Like any old hand on a job, he comes off as the guy that is confident in what he does but knows the limitations of the effects that he’s trying to produce. The great thing is that he’s easily open to ways that can help solve any difficulties that might occur, and is committed to the job in a way that makes it clear that he’s not going to call it good until everything is as perfect as it can possibly be.

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