How We Envision Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Returning to the MCU

How We Envision Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Returning to the MCU

How We Envision Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Returning to the MCU

The good news is that it sounds as though Kathryn Hahn will be asked back to the MCU when she has time to do so, since as of now she’s pretty busy with Knives Out 2, and there’s no telling if she’s going to be busy after that. But the part of Agatha Harkness is going to be difficult to predict this time around since from what everyone saw she was the villain in WandaVision and in the comics she was more of a protagonist than anything. She was also stripped of the memory that she even had magic at the end of the show, meaning that she thought that she was just another citizen as Wanda had left her. So right away it feels as though she could be a bit peeved that she was turned into a regular citizen again when her power was immense in the show. Seeing her come back as a villain once again wouldn’t be too much of a surprise really since it might be that she believes she has a score to settle. But it could also be that she might find herself in league with another powerful being since a lot of people were expecting Mephisto, the devil of the MCU, to burst out at any moment.

It could even be that Agatha might come out of the enchantment around the time when the next Doctor Strange movie comes out, and could perhaps be involved in that story. But with everything going on it’s tough to make this prediction since there are so many moving parts in the MCU as of now. Seeing her in league with Mephisto or perhaps going up against him, which feels pretty one-sided despite her power, would be kind of interesting, since the MCU hasn’t seen the arrival of the devil yet, but there have been plenty of teases, that’s for certain.

Seeing Agatha coming back and having a serious issue with Wanda that needs to be taken care of could be pretty exciting, but it could also be intriguing to see her take on a redemption arc that might see her turn into a protagonist who would have to earn her way into the trust of the heroes. That feels like it might be a tall order, but it’s definitely possible. Or perhaps Agatha will come back when there’s a Fantastic Four movie since she’s had plenty to do with Marvel’s first family. There are a few places in the MCU where she can be plugged in and make a big splash, or a big difference, but one can imagine that a lot of fans will want to see her and Wanda tangle with each other again, or perhaps see Agatha in the Doctor Strange movie. Seeing her take on two very powerful opponents would be kind of enticing, especially if she did bring backup. Just imagine Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch vs. Agatha Harkness and Mephisto. Now that would be a sight to see, and it would be quite the battle no doubt since the level of power that’s wielded by those who were just mentioned would be insane.

It’s going to have to wait though since as mentioned above, Kathryn Hahn is a busy woman and in high demand. The work she’s already done to bring Agatha Harkness to life on the Disney+ show was great since she was a surprise that a lot of people didn’t see coming. It was kind of a surprise to see Agatha turn evil, and was something that people couldn’t help but comment on. But the MCU has been changing for a few years now and things aren’t going to be exactly as people remember since moving the story forward at the current pace has made it nearly impossible to hold everything together at the same time. Certain characters and situations have changed and will continue to change since that’s the current nature of the business, and it’s been successful so far. When Kathryn Hahn does come back it might happen that we’ll get a bit more information on Agatha and when we can expect to see her again, but as of now, it’s hard to say when that might happen since currently, it doesn’t feel as though she has a solid spot in the MCU to show up, just a great number of possibilities.

But that’s enough for a lot of people since it means that she’s meant to come back, and that’s better than a guarantee to some folks. When she does come back it’s a big hope that she’ll somehow break the spell that Wanda placed on her, and will go seeking Wanda with magic in hand, ready to throw down again as the two enter into a proper battle this time. That feels as though it would be epic.Doctor Strange movie

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