Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer is Nightmare Fuel

Netflix on Twitter: "Based on the horrific true events, the first of two  trailers for DAHMER - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story from Ryan Murphy,  starring Evan Peters and Niecy Nash, has

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One thing that should be noted about Dahmer: Monster on Netflix is that it’s not one hundred percent accurate, but it’s not too far off either, much like any other movie or series that’s based on a real-life character. Evan Peters is, without any doubt, a great actor, but watching him in this series is even more disturbing than anything he’s done before. Keep in mind, this is the guy that played the main antagonist in American Horror Story: Cult and has been seen as one of the most effective parts of AHS in the past. But somehow, he took the disturbing aspects of his skill to another level in this series, though it is likely that this happened since he was portraying one of the most notorious murderers in the modern era.

The idea of playing the part of Jeffrey Dahmer is one that a few people have undertaken over the years, but it’s fair to state that it’s a role that a lot of people would find daunting since, from all reports, Dahmer was a truly disturbed individual who did not have a great shot at becoming a balanced human being. He had chances, there’s no doubt, but like some folks in this world, there was something missing in him that might have been able to keep him on the straight and narrow. 

Families of Dahmer's Victims Call the Netflix Series 'Careless'

credit: Dahmer: Monster

Dahmer was a great example of how people could be taken in and fooled so easily.

The fact that Jeffrey Dahmer was able to gain the confidence of so many people is kind of horrifying, especially since it’s been reported that he was considered to be anti-social and wasn’t exactly an outgoing person. It was even stated that he wasn’t comfortable around people and didn’t want to do the things he did, but he did them anyway. Trying to figure out the mindset of someone like Dahmer is more than a little daunting, but the series does appear to show that Dahmer wasn’t entirely closed off, even if he wasn’t the type of guy that was completely outgoing and willing to be around people all the time. He was kind of a confusing person; that’s rather clear. But somehow, he managed to convince young men to go home with him, and anyone who’s read the story of his life and misdeeds knows what happened then. 

One could say that people like Dahmer have created the inherent mistrust that people have in others at this time. 

It could sound like a lot of paranoia, but Dahmer stands out as one of the many people who have come to be responsible for the change in society and the reason why a lot of people aren’t willing to trust strangers at this point. That does sound a little nutty, but after reading up on the man and his exploits, it’s easy to see how a lot of people might have become cautious about meeting new individuals that had even a few of the same characteristics that Dahmer exhibited. Thanks to many other such individuals that have exhibited murderous and antisocial tendencies over the decades, one can see how society has become a lot less trusting and more capable of labeling others thanks to various traits that have been seen in the people around them. Dahmer is only one of many that have made such a thing happen, and while it’s not entirely documented, it’s an observation that can easily be pointed out by walking down the street. 

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story fails to challenge true crime tropes |  Radio Times

credit: Dahmer: Monster

The fact that Dahmer appeared to accept his fate argues for the fact that a part of him was still rational. 

There was obviously a part of this man that knew that what he was doing was wrong, but as history has already shown, that part was squashed without hesitation more than a few times since the details of his crimes, gruesome as they are, prove that his rational side wasn’t running the show at the time. But the fact that he appeared to accept his punishment and didn’t fight that hard didn’t say that he was innocent or had a difficult life, and this happened, or that happened. It kind of makes a person wonder what was going on in his head at the moment of each murder. Calling him disturbed is an easy out for many people and spares the average person’s sensibilities. But the truth is that he was rational in some way, but his other tendencies were far stronger. 

Evan Peters is one of the best people for this role, even though it’s a bit dramatic. 

Given his success in other shows and in the movies, it’s not surprising to see how Evan Peters could dial up the crazy and portray this character in a manner that would be utterly creepy and effective. It’s a series that one probably shouldn’t watch if they already have trust issues around strangers, but it is kind of entertaining. 

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