The Real Housewives of Miami 2.06 Recap: Busted and Dusted!

The Real Housewives of Miami 2.06 Recap: Busted and Dusted!

The Real Housewives of Miami 2.06If there is one thing we could count on when it comes to The Real Housewives of Miami, it would be Mama Elsa Patton’s panache for bringing viewers into her crazy world. And with last night’s episode, Mama Elsa proves again just how much entertainment, or rather life, she brings to this show.

Elsa Threatens Elaine Lancaster With Her Purse

Miami drag queen superstar, and Lea Black look-alike, Elaine Lancaster was served royally by Mama Elsa for constantly dragging her daughter Marysol Patton’s name through the mud every chance he got. When Elaine tried to make nice with Elsa, the sharp-tongued mama wasn’t having it and bluntly went old-school by telling Ms. Lancaster that she would hit him with her purse. When I tell you that I died when Mama Elsa uttered those words… I mean literally on the floor rolling as if the casket was prepped and ready for my burial. Here’s the clip:

I’m waiting for Elaine to either brush this animosity he has towards Marysol off his shoulders, or just come out and call his ‘enemy’ whatever he’s itching to call her, because this is getting old and Mama Elsa might throw a hex on him or something. Like I said before, I really think Elaine is looking for screen time, which he lacked last season after being heavily promoted of being a friend of the cast. I don’t want to call it pathetic, but it’s headed that way pretty quickly.

Joanna Found Evidence of Romain Cheating… And Does Nearly Nothing With It.

Sometimes I’m in love with Joanna and other times I’m ready to slap her ass silly, because when it comes to Romain, she simply does not have a clue. Then again, maybe I’m frustrated because we all know Joanna and Romain are still together so all of this email drama is basically a waste of time, and makes Joanna look even more stupid than she does now on the show.

After finding the emails, or rather instant messages, between Romain and some girl on Romain’s computer that talked about Romain leaving Joanna for the girl in the convo, the fashion model just sulked around the house in a state of shock. While that is a proper reaction to discovering something like that, it was Joanna’s reactions following her first one, which included asking Ana for advice and cooking Romain a romantic dinner, that had me scratching my head like, “huh?!”

At the end of the episode, Joanna confronted Romain, who surprisingly didn’t lie or call her stupid. He actually admitted that he wanted to leave her at one time and the messages he read were legit. Ouch! However… His reasoning behind wanting to leave her came across as plausible, yet as an excuse as well. Why? Because Joanna vouched for Romain’s explanation by ‘owning up’ to not being there when he needed. If Joanna had not of made up excuses for the guy since the show’s been on the air this season, I would have given her a pass. But since we know just about everything is ‘Joanna’s fault,’ I think Romain’s slipped out of another sticky situation at this point in time.

Dr. Karent vs. Adriana, Alexia, and the World (?)

Poor, Dr. Karent. This woman cannot catch a break with the new girls and last night was no exception. After Joanna warned the Miami dentist that Adriana was coming for her, Dr. Karent still went to Alexia’s magazine party (uninvited according to Alexia) and made nice with everyone with that award-winning smile of hers. While everyone was acting cordial, including Ana, towards Dr. Karent, Adriana still felt that she needed to get Dr. Karent’s attention grabbing debacle off her chest at Alexis’s first big event since her son Frankie’s accident, meaning it was not the time to discuss anything.

But that didn’t stop Adriana, who quickly read Dr. Karent when the two found a ‘private’ place to talk. Dr. Karent didn’t understand Adriana’s animosity, but she didn’t get loud or drop her smile, which was what directed Alexia over to the conversation, because she felt that Dr. Karent was starting drama with Adriana. Wrong answer, Alexia. It’s your bestie Adriana making waves at your event.

However, while Alexia was giving the good doctor a piece of her mind, Dr. Karent made the mistake of bringing up Frankie and his accident, but not in a derogatory manner. It was just in bad taste to mention the accident in the argument, which was all Alexia needed to probably write Dr. Karent off her list of people to send a Christmas card to. Although after seeing that she made a faux pas, Dr. Karent left the party in good spirits, despite most of the ladies (including Elsa) shooting daggers at her back and to her face as she cheek-kissed them goodnight.

Personally, I believe that both Adriana and Alexia were initially in the wrong for cornering Dr. Karent like that, and their rants about Dr. Karent having to earn her stripes since she’s new to the group was very high-school mean girl clique-ish vernacular and didn’t help their case at all. It is becoming clear that a line has been drawn between most of the new women and the old cast, with Ana and Marysol sitting perfectly on the fence watching everything unfold. In short, we have drama here, people. Finally…

Other Moments to Note

– Lea Black giving an “insult wrapped in an invitation” to Marysol and still not understanding how her “green card” joke was inappropriate and not funny at all. Mama Elsa, you might have to add Lea to your list to shake up pretty soon.

– Ana and Alexia’s heart to heart over Frankie, who looks like he’s doing well in light of what happened to him. I remember the accident when it hit the blog wire and was devastated for Alexia, who I thought was the best thing about the first season of The Real Housewives of Miami.

– Lisa had more of a muted presence this episode, but she had the best line of the episode. “Pick on someone their own size. Oh, wait. There’s no one their size.” BURN!

– And how about that trailer for the rest of the season? Can we say, “Hell yeah?!”

What did you all think about this episode of The Real Housewives of Miami? Was Mama Elsa in the right to threaten Elaine with her purse? Was Adriana in the wrong?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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