Prison Break Revival Sneak Peek: Nobody Calls Lincoln a “Snowflake”

The video you are about to see is unlisted which means it was never “public” until now hence the small view count.  Prison Break is one of the most anticipated revivals on television but if this clip is any indication, excitement for the new season is only going to rise.   Lincoln Burrows is on a mission, to find and retrieve his long-“dead” brother Michael, in this exclusive sneak peek from Fox’s Prison Break revival. But who will join him on this dangerous lark?  According to TV Line

Picking up seven years after the original series ended, the new, nine-episode Prison Break season (premiering Tuesday, April 4 at 9/8c) quickly suggests that Michael (played by Wentworth Miller) is in fact alive, having somehow survived the events of the Season 4 finale (as well as, you know, his brain tumor).

In the sneak peak you’re about to see, Lincoln gets called a “snowflake?”  No, he’s not having it.   Looks like Sucre will have a pretty big part in all of this, at least initially.  Check out the clip below:

Here’s another video that was uploaded yesterday to the Prison Break Youtube Channel.

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