Why We’ll Be Watching New ABC Series “Rebel”

It’s very easy to say that Katey Sagal tends to find roles that allow her to stand out as a strong and very opinionated woman. Barring her role in Married…With Children in part, she’s been able to show that she’s a very strong-willed individual, even if she’s not a physically imposing person. This time around she’s playing a woman that’s either a lawyer or someone that cares about justice at the very least since she’s seen in the trailer below going after those that are guilty of harming the populace in one way or another, but in a manner that might be deemed a little bit troubling. To put it simply, her heart is in the right place without a doubt, but her actions speak of someone that tends to act without thinking first. She could very well be a character that might be labeled as a social justice warrior since this appears to be at least a part of her character, though she’s been placed in what some might call a bit of a controversial light considering that she appears to be in the right in a moral sense, but doesn’t exactly use what some would call the proper channels. It could be due to the idea that the proper channels don’t exactly work the way they should all the time, but it could also be that she’s incredibly impulsive and isn’t the waiting type.

That could be why it’s easy to be torn about this character since she has a very strong moral center that doesn’t allow her to simply look away or give up, but she’s also a very disruptive character that apparently has a need to call out a problem wherever and whenever she feels the need, and while this isn’t always the worst thing in the world, it can also cause a lot of problems, not just for the people that are being called out, but for the person that’s doing the calling. Like it or not, there’s a time and place for everything, and ‘right now, right here’ isn’t always the best time since it can be every bit as harmful to the person that wants justice and those they’re fighting for as it will be for the person or people they’re fighting against. This is the thing about moderates, which Rebel certainly is not, a true moderate wants equality, they want justice, and they want people to get along, but they’re not about to swing wide for anyone and they won’t take any one side unless they’re completely in agreement with the core principles of one side or another. Even then nothing is certain since political views shift all the time.

Rebel is undeniably someone that doesn’t play the middle, which to many people is an act of cowardice since far too many feel that it’s all or nothing when it comes to various issues. In truth, moderation is a part of why the world hasn’t descended into chaos yet since if not for moderates it’s likely that one ideology or the other would have taken over a while ago. It’s a thought, but Rebel definitely represents a point of view that will actively go after corporations or individuals that she feels are responsible for the ills of others, which isn’t what a lot of people think of when it comes to moderate behavior. But this isn’t what people pay for after all, since folks want to see drama, they want to see one side going after the other, as it’s what has been programmed into many individuals when it comes to one issue or another. It’s entertainment, and it’s something that is worth a watch since one can easily guess that Sagal is going to fall into this role with everything she has as she’s done in the past. It’s impressive to watch her really getting into a role since she’s one of the many actors from the 90s that hasn’t been quite as prominent over the years but has shown up now and then to grace us with her presence, showing up on various programs and finding a home on The Conners for quite a few episodes actually.

One can honestly say that she’s been working steadily for years, but it’s been too easy to lose track of her now and then. But when she does show up it’s a treat, and having a show of her own is going to be fun to watch since when she’s allowed to take the spotlight for any length of time she knows how to shine in a very big way. The 67-year old Sagal is one of a kind to be certain, and there’s no doubt that Rebel is going to be a unique show that will deserve any fanbase that it can get.

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