The Originals Review: So Long, Brave Bartender

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By now you’ve surely been spoiled by the major character death on The Originals this week. No one could save Cami from the super strength werewolf bite by Lucien, and no one wanted to save her more than Klaus which made this episode all the more sad.

All the elements for a beautiful and dignified death scene were there in Cami’s final moments, right down to the Birdy song playing in the background. She truly got the best possible send-off with Freya treating her physically as best she could while Klaus tended to her mentally. They shared one last stroll around her favorite part of New Orleans as she tried to put on a brave face for him. Cami definitely wanted to be strong for herself and for Klaus but deep down she was scared. The replicated scenery from where they first met 3 years ago started fading when her heart began to slow down. Honestly as I was watching I wanted to write down every single line of dialogue exchanged between Klaus and Cami in this dream sequence. It was all too perfect and all too depressing.

Ever since Cami became Klaus’ unofficial therapist, she’s been trying to get him to believe in himself. To realize he doesn’t have to hide behind his anger out of a fear of not being loved because in actuality he is very loved by his family. Elijah, Rebekah, and Freya at least would do anything for him and he continues to be so oblivious to that fact. Cami’s impact on Klaus will live on as he tells her. I especially loved her reply: “I guess that makes me immortal.” You’re 100% correct there, Cami.

While Klaus appropriately got the longest goodbye with her, it was only fitting to see a few other characters say their final farewell to Cami after she had passed. Vincent swore he won’t forget what they set out to do, and it’s obvious he’s blaming himself for her death. If he didn’t help Lucien become the monster he is, he never would have bitten Cami and she would still be alive. Everyone who’s ever lost someone knows that feeling all too well. The “what ifs” and regrets will haunt you if you let them. I’m glad to see Freya won’t let Vincent shoulder the blame himself.

Rightfully so this was an hour long love letter to Leah Pipes and her everlasting impression on the show but there was still something extra creepy brewing with the ancestors. Kol daggered himself to keep Davina safe until she could figure out how to unlink him from the ancestors and whatever darkness they bring him. Long story short, the ancestors are not messing around. A mighty wind blows through the cemetery and across the town until it removes the dagger from Kol’s chest. He instantly attacks Davina and drains the life out of her. It’s really way too soon to realistically believe they could have just killed another major player off. I could have done without that and ended the episode with the shot of Elijah comforting his brother on the balcony overlooking the Quarter.

Only time will tell how Klaus handles his grief but I have high hopes for him to get through this just as Cami would want him to. What about you? How do you think Klaus will move on once he gets his inevitable revenge on Lucien and Aurora?

The Originals Season 3 Episode 19 Review


Klaus and his family desperately try to save Cami from a deadly bite.

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