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The Originals — “Heart Shaped Box” — Image Number: OG313a_0207.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Leah Pipes as Cami and Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley — Photo: Eli Joshua Ade/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Vampires are a tricky bunch as we learn on The Originals. Actually the same can be said for every other person, alive or dead, fictional or not. It’s those complexities and how we respond to them that determines what kind of a person you are. Take away all the supernatural elements and obstacles and this was the most heart-filled episode of the series, pun intended.

The Mikaelsons are a perfect example. Gun loaded with deadly white oak bullets pointed at his face, he still manages to distract Aurora long enough for Klaus to save Freya. Freya was only spotted and rescued among a forest because she relied on Finn’s help from inside her locket. All in all, it was a real Mikaelson family effort to protect each other. The family motto of “always and forever” was truly put to the test and they all passed with flying colors. I’ll never forget Klaus stayed with Elijah instead of chasing after Aurora. He put his brother’s life before every ounce of anger and revenge that no doubt courses through his every thought. Easily the most selfless Klaus has ever been! Plus his beautiful scene with Freya where he reassured her that she’s most certainly family.

Can I just say I absolutely love the new friendship between Hayley and Cami? They never interacted much when Cami was human but it seems extra special now that Klaus knows he can’t help her anymore. Or at least that she won’t accept his help, so he asks for a favor from Hayley to be there instead. A mutual respect between Hayley and Klaus is all I ever wanted. A new female friendship starting with Hayley dishing out very sound advice to Cami is only the cherry on top of all that is good and well in New Orleans. Hayley is already helping Cami embrace her vampirism as part of her identity while encouraging her to toughen up because she can’t rely on her family’s “antiques” to always be there to save her. Luckily for both of them though, those dark weapons did briefly help them when they were outnumbered by the Strix witches.

Kol and Davina reunited briefly with strings attached. Aya needed information about the sire linking spell on the Originals that only Kol would know from their mother who made them the monsters they are. This is where things got super crazy with all the storylines converging in on Hayley. Apparently she’s considered an unsired vampire heart because she was turned by Hope’s blood in her system when giving birth. I’m slightly confused by their definition of unsired because doesn’t a sire mean maker, so technically isn’t Hope her own mother’s sire? What else makes a sire? Whatever, let’s go with that. The very cool mythological twist was the reveal that Hayley and Jackson’s wedding unification ceremony made his heart a mirror image of hers. Therefore, instead of ripping out her heart, Klaus and Elijah realize they need to protect Jackson’s buried heart. Very creepy how Hayley gave Jackson a fitting Viking funeral but chose to keep only his heart and bury it under a tree. Whatever works, I guess.

Marcel’s allegiance is hard to pinpoint here. While he can’t turn against the Strix entirely now that he’s the leader, he still tries to stay loyal to his old friends. This is all going to come back to bite him in the end when the Mikaelsons learn of his involvement with stealing Jackson’s heart. I have nothing against Marcel but sometimes he gets himself in way over his head and he might be digging his own grave now if he’s not more careful. I respect that he’s secretly still looking out for Davina as well but trust issues can be a real problem dealing with a third party like the Strix.

Klaus’ had many funny quotes this episode, my favorite being: “Seems there is no shortage of those who would stand against our family. Let’s kill them all.” Cheers!

We’ll see what happens next week when The Vampire Diaries crosses over in a 2 hour event. Watch the preview here:

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