All New and Returning Television Shows This March

The Americans

There’s a different kind of March Madness ushering in springtime! The sheer amount of shows on the air is difficult to keep up with. Between network, cable, and streaming services, it can be overwhelming. TVOvermind is here to make sure you don’t miss anything coming. Every month we’ll be here to let you know what, when, and where new and returning television shows are coming. We’ll also be giving small previews to each series so you know what each new series is all about, and what new seasons of your returning favorites have to look forward to. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s begin with the brand spanking new.

New Shows

-Chicago Justice (March 5, NBC)

If you tuned into the epic #OneChicago crossover at the beginning of the month, you got a good look what franchise creator Dick Wolf’s next drama is about. Led by the dynamic and powerful Carl Weathers and Philip Winchester, the State’s Attorney’s office is responsible for getting justice for the citizens of Chicago. To that end the show is joined by a familiar face to the franchise, Jon Seda, who left his home at Chicago P.D. to bring Antonio Dawson in a new professional role as the head of the State’s Attorney’s Investigative team. Given how the first crossover went, the show should have no trouble seamlessly weaving its stories into the fabric of the larger Chicago franchise while standing on its own capable legs.

-The Arrangement (March 5, E!)

E! Network’s second original scripted series combines the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous with a twist on an archaic tradition. Dallas alum Josh Henderson is Kyle West, the “it” man in Hollywood who lives his life for the cameras even when they are gone. This is in large part to uphold the persona he has built with his ‘church’ and its leader, played by Michael Vartan. To that end Kyle needs everything in his life to be perfect, even a marriage. Budding actress Megan Morrison seems like the perfect candidate to be Kyle’s wife, but can she handle the reality of his ties to a dominating lifestyle? Playing with the ideals of alternative faiths in the city of glitz and glamour should provide lasting intrigue.

-FEUD: Bette & Joan (March 5, FX)

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Those names as the subject of Ryan Murphy’s latest miniseries should be enough to draw you in. Just for fun I’ll throw out a few more: Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Judy Davis, Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci, and the list goes on. Today’s Hollywood legends team up to play yesterday’s Hollywood royalty. The specific context of the infamous feuding relationship between icons Davis and Crawford are bottle-necked into their time shooting the Oscar-nominated horror film “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”. Lange and Sarandon are still at the top of their game, coming together to do justice to a time which was a comedic horror on and off-screen. Can we give these women their Emmy’s now?

-Making History (March 5, FOX)

Time travel is all the rage this year, but who says it has to be serious? Most every show with this hallmark is going to dramatize the consequences of manipulating time. No one is having as much fun with it as FOX’s time travel comedy Making History is. Everyone else is warning against interfering in the past for the dangers it poses to the present. Yet what’s a guy to do when he feels awkward in his own time? Suppose he goes back in time, finds a girlfriend in the 18th century, and decides to take the delicate matters of time, space, and destiny into his own hands? Who says that can’t be laugh out loud hilarious?

-Time After Time (March 5, ABC)

When I mentioned time travel was all the rage this year, I wasn’t kidding. ABC’s take on the subject focuses specifically on a cat-and-mouse game between famous author and inventor H.G. Wells and notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper. The twist is that their game is accidentally taken to the 21st century, where Wells is amazed at the technological advancements but horrified at the world’s moral decline; a decline which suits Jack’s agenda just fine. We got a chance to preview the show at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, so we can say with confidence that if you’re a fan of most of ABC’s dramatic lineup, you’re in for a treat.

-Andi Mack (March 10, Disney Channel)

The aim for the Disney Channel’s next tween drama is to fill the void left by Girl Meets World. The latest coming of age story starring newcomer Peyton Elizabeth Lee doesn’t have the same traditional premise as other shows, mostly because no one knows what the hook actually is. Everyone is staying pretty tight-lipped about the ‘Surprise’ Andi’s older sister Bex reveals which changes her life, which might frustrate some of the younger viewers, but should intrigue everyone else. Disney’s been pushing the envelope for some time on some of the more serious topics tweens are facing nowadays, so the lack of information might be a clue that this new show could break the safe mold to speak to kids on important subject matter. Not to worry, this is still Disney. Don’t expect anything too scary for the underage crowd to handle, especially since Andi’s artistry is also going to be a hallmark of the series.

-Trial & Error (March 14, NBC)

Picture the worst defendant a lawyer could get. It’s not a serial killer, it’s not a rapist, it’s not even Charles Manson. No, the worst client is the one who makes repeated idiotic mistakes bordering on lunacy while he’s being tried for the murder of his wife. Forget defense, because that is ridiculous too. The only hope John Lithgow’s poor, misguided schmuck of a character has at not being convicted is that both the prosecution and his own defense team are a little nutty too. Then again, that might not be in his favor. Oh well, at least there’s fun thinking of the hundreds of different ways a murder trial could be turned into a circus. If you thought O.J.’s trial was crazy, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

-Marven’s Iron Fist (March 17, Netflix)

In the similar fashion that DC Comics continues to bring its characters under one umbrella on the CW, so Netflix is setting down a final character to its endgame trajectory for famed Marvel Comics group The Defenders. This story is about (another) billionaire returned from the dead/time in Asia learning martial arts to right the wrongs in his city. For a comic book character, he’ll be much more based in reality than fans expect, which means no excessive supernatural elements and definitely no costume, at least for now. Down the road he’ll be great allies with the already established Luke Cage, as well as the rest of the comicbook based characters on Netflix. This is Danny Rand’s origin story, no gimmicks, phony hooks, or magical gizmos needed. Finn Jones commendably plays the character as he is meant to be seen, for better or worse on his own merit.

-Shots Fired (March 22, FOX)

Police corruption and cover-ups in inner cities. Most dramas don’t get more serious than that, and unfortunately, most will miss the mark by regurgitating the same story. This series hopes to change the narrative by first flipping it, a black cop kills a young white man, and then further spinning the story on its head by comparing a typical case of racial prejudice right next to it. Sanaa Lathan’s Ashe Akino comes from the Department of Justice to investigate the small town police department handling the two cases in a battle for each person’s version of the truth. We’ll have a full report on this show before the series’ premiere, so check back in a few weeks to see if the risky drama hits the mark. That there is no room for idealism in this drama shows it has some promise.

-Tangled The Series (March 24, Disney Channel)

The world is so serious, we need to praise the a common heroine. Kids and adults alike will rejoice in the return of Tangled‘s Rapunzel when she makes a splashy comeback on the small screen. The series itself won’t premiere until the end of the month, so be sure to tune into the TV movie which will usher it in on March 10, Tangled Before Ever After. Check out our full sneak peek of the series here.

-Rebel (March 28, BET)

Talk about rebellious. BET gets up close and personal with what it means to be black and female in a police department. The short version is you have to be ten times the cops as any man of any other ethnicity, and your personal grievances are not going to be heard openly. The series’ titular main character is activated by a personal loss to live up to her name, and turn her back on those who stand in her way as she pursues her version of justice. Executive Producer John Singleton certainly has the credits to back up his faith in the story, so BET’s newest drama might be worth tuning in for.

-Harlots (March 29, Hulu)

Don’t kid yourself into thinking prostitution hasn’t been around for centuries. Hulu’s latest original series is a reminder that not only has the practice been around, it was glamorized long before the modern day strip club. Brothels and secret alleyways in the 18th century were easily the most powerful institutions in the country, perhaps even greater than parliaments and kingdoms because of everything the ladies were privy to behind closed doors. Money was not the most valuable asset to trade, sex was. If you think the premise is anti-feminist, remember that the main cast, writers, and producers are all women. Just goes to show you how much power a woman can wield.

-Imaginary Mary (March 29, ABC)

All children have imaginary friends, it’s completely normal. Adults can’t, and probably shouldn’t, say the same thing. In her time of need Alice unconsciously calls upon her childhood pal Mary to help her through her adult crises. Proving that when life gets complicated, simplifying it with themes and ideals from the mind of a child can have a calming effect. Mary is certainly a cool enough friend for an adult or kid to have.

-Nobodies (March 29, TVLand)

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone put the writers in the hot seat. Writers and their ideas run amok in Hollywood, and the bad ones can be just as marketable as the good ones. That’s the earliest impression we can garner from TVLand’s spoof comedy which markets the pressure of off-the-cuff pitching and nuanced writing in a random world. There’s definitely plenty of pitching-themed horror stories to back up the premise.

-13 Reasons Why (March 31-Netflix)

On March 31 you should stop whatever you’re doing. Take the day off work, order in, and watch this immediately. Based on the book series by Jay Asher, the television miniseries takes an important look at the complex tragedy of teen suicide. Hannah Baker chooses to tell her story from beyond the grave, calling out everyone she believes wronged her in life. The idea is that it’s ironically harder to ignore someone when they’re dead, especially when the living so desperately try to run from their own actions. How reliable a narrator can Hannah be when everyone is trying to tear her down even in death? How accountable are teenagers for their behavior, intentional or not? Executive Producer Selena Gomez describes the importance of the series by saying “[Teenagers] have to see something that’s going to scare them,” otherwise they won’t wake up.

Returning Shows

-Shades of Blue (March 5-NBC)

The corrupt cop drama starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta takes the stakes to a whole other level in its second season. Last season Detective Harlee Santos was forced to betray the crew she called family, and now the friend she betrayed is forced to do a variation of the same to get them all out. Season 2 introduces the Julia Aryes, the newest target Wozniak has to simultaneously go after and protect in order to save his crew, which is very similar to the situation Harlee found herself in at the beginning of the series. The difference is that we’re now entering dangerous political territory where there’s no chance any of this isn’t going to see the light of day in some form or another. The magic Jennifer Lopez describes of this series is that absolutely no one is right or wrong at any given point.

-The Americans (March 7-FX)

The Jennings family has even more problems to worry about now that spy work is truly becoming a family business. Paige thought that coming to terms with the reality that her parents were Russian spies was difficult, but she hasn’t seen anything yet. Now comes the reality of integrating into her parent’s world and accepting she won’t every be able to be a normal teenager, just as the Cold War is heating up. You’d think having parents to guide you through this journey would make it easier, but does anyone really think Philip and Elizabeth are going to make this transition any easier?

-Underground (March 8, WGN)

Just because the Macon 7 lost one battle, doesn’t mean they’re even close to giving up on the war for their freedom. Except this time the fight is going to be tougher, meaner, and inescapable. Not to mention the characters you root for are going to have some help from people whose names are infamous in American history books (to those who actually paid attention in history class). Aisha Hinds takes the mantle of Harriet Tubman while Executive Producer John Legend tries his acting chops with his guest role as Frederick Douglass. Big names deserve big name portrayals.

-Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (March 8, CBS)

After a very long hiatus, the Criminal Minds spinoff focusing on the work of the International Response Team finally returns. For Season 2 the show will increase their crossovers with its predecessor, which can only help given the original’s longevity. How deeply Beyond Borders will delve into international crime and rescue operations in a rapidly changing world is yet to be determined.

-Ripper Street (March 8, BBC America)

The fifth and final season of BBC’s period drama closes the Victorian era in England, officially ushering in the 20th century. A new serial killer, an old foe, and potentially the biggest betrayal of the series is underfoot. To our friends across the pond, please no spoilers! If you’re in the U.S. eagerly awaiting what the final year in Whitechapel holds, do yourself a favor and don’t go looking for trouble in the social media black hole of knowledge.

-The Catch (March 9, ABC)

Season 1 was a bit scattered telling the cat-and-mouse story of a con man and the con artist investigator who let him slip right through her fingers. Now their seductive game is a bonified love story that finds Alice and Benjamin adjusting to a normal relationship while balancing anything but normal day jobs. Benjamin’s devotion to Alice deepens as he gets deeper into the con game since he’s meant to play the good side. Hopefully old habits don’t die hard. As an added bonus, T.R. Knight rejoins ABC and Shondaland after exiting Grey’s Anatomy eight years ago as Alice’s brother Tommy.

-Love (March 10, Netflix)

It’s all about love, love, love. From creator Judd Apatow comes the second season of Love‘s take on, well, itself. Mickey and Gus finally take a shot at a normal relationship. However, neither one of them are normal, so neither can their relationship be. More to the point, they’ll discover that ‘normal’ is highly overrated, and we all create our own rules for what makes a relationship work. Isn’t it enough that they can be awkward together without fear of judgment?

-Hap and Leonard (March 15, Sundance TV)

Switch your mind to funny and set the alarm for March 15 when the a second season of the adventures of amateur investigators Hap and Leonard returns to television. The next portion of Sundance TV’s miniseries has even more lunacy and fun the second time around. Mucho Mojo doesn’t even begin to cover the crazy exploits these two are getting into, so it’s best to stick with the philosophy of not asking too many questions.

-Hand of God (March 10-Amazon)

The second and final season of the Amazon series starring Ron Perlman will further blend the lines of sanity for its main character. The series further stretches Perlman’s emotional depths in a character role he is not typically used to playing. Judge Pernell Harris cannot find a reasonable answer to satisfy anyone who wants him to repent for his corrupt actions. He cannot even find a sane reason for himself, for while he goes on trial he spirals further downward compelled not just by God as he believed in the first season, but by the haunting presence of his own son.

-American Crime (March 12, ABC)

From Executive Producer John Ridley comes the next tough topic Americans need to start thinking about. We go through life thinking we are doing our part to help others, but this season of American Crime‘s focus on indentured servitude blows that ideal right out of the water. Employing the same device where the same cast members take on whole new roles, this season will center on the tragedy of the American Dream hidden in plain sight of our fields, homes, and streets. Check back in soon for our behind the scenes look at the series’ third season from our night with the cast and crew of American Crime at the PaleyCenter for Media.

-Baby Daddy (March 13, Freeform)

Season 6 keeps the funny going on the Freeform comedy, and we’ve got questions galore. How will Riley and Danny adjust to life as prospective parents? Will Ben ever find the mystery girl who caught his eye at the end of last season? What brings Tucker back home from his dream job? Will Emma get her own room before she becomes too big for her crib? Probably the only question we don’t have to ask is when Bonnie will reunite with her glass of wine. The answer is momentarily.

-Young and Hungry (March 13, Freeform)

In the same hour as Baby Daddy, Freeform’s other comedy gets fans hungry for more right away. Four years of back and forth has been strenuous on Gabi and her boss Josh, so this time around they’re trying a different tactic with their relationship. Keep it casual, and everything should be fine. Yeah, that always works. Hopefully their friends (and Elliot) will be able to steer Gabi and Josh away from the craziness before it gets out of control.

-Greenleaf (March 15, OWN)

The truth had its day, and Greenleaf‘s second season finds the first family of this faith-based community struggling to keep hold on the few secrets they have left. Several unwelcome family reunions, a struggle with a rival church, and a reporter (played by Rick Fox) integrating himself into the Greenleaf clan, won’t make that easy. Executive Producer Oprah Winfrey also has a larger, more upfront role in the show’s second season. Given the explosive chemistry she and series star Lynn Whitfield had at the end of Season 1, their upcoming scenes are sure to be a great treat.

-The Originals (March 17, The CW)

The Vampire Diaries will air its series finale on March 10, but the following week its spinoff jumps forward five years in time. Now Klaus’s protegee may have been in the right to take back his home after everything his surrogate father put him through, but separating Klaus from his daughter was the biggest mistake Marcel could have made. Five years later Haley is closer than she’s ever been to reuniting the Mikaelsons. With the help of her own lineage, Haley hopes to take back her home, free her family, and reunite her daughter with her infamous father. Who else is interested to see if the saying “Like Father, Like Daughter” is true?

-Into the Badlands (March 19, AMC)

Just because this is a universe without guns, doesn’t mean violence isn’t prevalent. On the contrary, the second season of Into the Badlands turns drawing blood into an art form. Even while chained to a liability, Sunny will stop at nothing to get to his family while the Badlands become more corrupt. If blood is power in this universe, than don’t expect anyone to be unscathed, one way or another.

-Grace and Frankie (March 24, Netflix)

When you’re at the age when you can collect senior discounts, your husbands have left you for each other, and your best friend is your complete opposite, there’s definitely room for some fun. Thus Grace and Frankie return with their next task at hand, a new business venture aimed where their target demographic is women their who still…have the urge. Who knows, maybe Grace and Frankie can get a little loving themselves? As for their former better halves who are now each other’s better halves, Robert and Sol adjust to their newlywed life together looks like on a day-to-day basis.

Which show premiere will be your favorite?

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