What We Know about the Originals Season 5 So Far

What We Know about the Originals Season 5 So Far

As many of you already know, The Originals is a spinoff series of Vampire Diaries. The groundwork and announcements about the fifth season of the series were made in May 2017. Initially, there were doubts if the series would ever reach the milestone of its predecessor, The Vampire Diaries.  Contrary to the speculation, The Originals ended up amassing a significant following on the screen.

As for what is really going to happen in season 5 is still murky. But there have been wide speculations concerning the introduction of a spinoff character who concluded season four by attending Caroline and Alaric’s school. There has been no official word from HBO concerning this change.

Here is what we already know about the originals season 5

There is going to be a time jump

Originals Season 5 will not start at the exact point the last episode of the fourth season stopped. Apparently there is going to be a time jump that will serve to introduce the viewers to an older version of Klaus and the Harley’s daughter. Nothing is hidden in this arrangement of events. Danielle Rose Russell, the 17-year-old season regular has been tipped to star as Harley’s daughter. This is not the first time the show runners are trying out a time jump on her character. She was aged up in season four after she had been introduced to viewers in season one as a toddler. Hope is going to reunite with the family (the Mikaelsons).

Caroline Forbes-Salvatore and Klaus Mikaelson will cross paths sooner than they expected

First, you need to know that Candice King will be reprising her role from the Vampire Diaries right into The Originals Season 5 premiere.

Caroline is going to make a trek from the Mystic Falls to the New Orleans. This event will take place at Salvatore Boarding House which will be the same place Klaus daughter, Hope will be enrolled. This setup will create an impressive opportunity for the two to cross paths unexpectedly, and earlier than either of them had imagined.

About the show itself

Season five also has a lot in store for the viewers. It is going to be the second season in the series to air mid-season. It is the only season so far with a planned spinoff. Even the Vampire Diaries didn’t have a spinoff in any of its seasons so this is going to be a totally new thing. One reason behind the spinoff idea is the fact that there will be a lot of twists in season five that will require another separate spinoff. Production is going to begin officially on July 25, 2017, with final work being done on December 20, 2017. Although there are prospects of a spinoff season, this season is going to be the final in the series itself.

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