The Originals Season 2 Episode 8 Review: “The Brothers That Care Forgot”

The Originals 2.08

Rebekah returned with baby Hope on The Originals last night.  Since it is Thanksgiving week, I wish I could say it was under better circumstances but nothing’s ever so easy when it comes to the Mikaelson family.

Esther’s closing in on Rebekah despite the supposedly strong spells used to conceal her and, in turn, Hope is in danger once again.  Rebekah thought she was doing the best thing for the baby in calling Elijah for help, and normally she’d be right.  However, he has officially lost his calm and cool demeanor in exchange for a violent streak usually reserved for Klaus.  Even Klaus commented that the world must’ve flipped on its axis because he’s never been the level headed one between the two of them.  I’m worried about Elijah now.  This was probably Esther’s plan all along, to drive him insane with the memories of horrors he’s long since been allowed to forget, until he begs her to grant him a mortal life.

Rebekah might be toying with the idea of taking their mother up on this offer sooner or later.  Of course, Esther hasn’t even talked to her in person yet, and once she does, they’ll have the whole issue of warding off Dahlia and/or Freya.  As much as I love Rebekah and wish she could live a human life with a family of her own, I really hope she doesn’t go through with it.  The reveal that Esther was “preparing” Cami to become a vessel for Rebekah was definitely shocking. But please, just don’t do it, writers.  Leah Pipes is Cami, Claire Holt is Rebekah.  End of story.  It’s understandable that this would be a way to bring Rebekah back full time but it’s not worth it.

The other major twist is way more compelling.  Coming from a Haylijah shipper, I’m intrigued by the upcoming marriage between Hayley and Jackson.  I fear for Jackson’s life when Elijah hears the news, but at least Hayley wants to tell him herself.  It’s interesting that Hayley’s willing to go through with this herself.  In theory it’s a little hard to believe that this werewolf mythical marriage between two Alphas would actually pass on Hayley’s hybrid trait of restraint to the rest of the pack.  That’s fine though, because I just want to see them try this marriage out.  There’s bound to be dire consequences if/when they feel the need to call it quits.   Do they take the normal vow of “til death do us part”?  Death is prevalent on this show but I hope there’s another loophole to get out of the marriage alive.

Davina’s tolerable when she’s alone with Kol but her need for revenge against Klaus is getting annoying.  How has she not realized that he’s a necessary evil?  Sure, she could poison her blood and win this battle but she can’t win the war.  Not with her pseudo-father Marcel on Klaus’ side at least.  Plus, now Kol is siding with his brother so Davina has no other option but to give in.

This was all leading up to the real family reunion of Klaus, Hayley, and Hope in the next episode on December 8.  Esther will probably find them all by then too, and since it’s the winter finale, it’ll definitely end with a nerve wracking cliffhanger.  My money’s on Dahlia making her presence known, if she isn’t already around and disguised as someone else.

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