The Originals 1.15 Review: “Le Grand Guignol”


We last left The Originals with the siblings more torn apart than ever.  Nothing has changed since Klaus is only regaining his strength to go after his little sister once and for all.  Even as he can barely move yet, Klaus still threatens Elijah that he’ll pay for the suffering he caused when he turned a stake on him.

Rebekah and Marcel are on the run after their betrayal of Klaus a century ago was brought to light by the resurrected witches.  They actually don’t even get out of town before they realize they’ll need some help if they’re truly going to escape Klaus for good.  They’ll need a cloaking spell performed by a witch they trust, which just so happens to be Davina but the little witch is still dead.  They’re quick to attempt to kill Bastiana and Genevieve since that worked once before with resurrecting one of the Harvest victims, Monique.  Speaking of Monique, she is extremely creepy.  Now that she’s kind of on Elijah’s side when she saw that Celeste was only out for own means, maybe she could turn out to be an advantage.  Anyway, Davina is back!

Cami is tasked with watching over a weakened Klaus after Elijah removes the stake he drove into his brother’s chest in order to save Rebekah.  Not even Cami’s pleas from her own experience of losing a sibling can sway Klaus from his sights set on “simply and quickly” ending both Rebekah and Marcel.  It was still interesting to see how Klaus opened up to Cami about his past with his family.  I can’t help but wonder if and when we’ll finally get to meet Klaus’ biological father.  He can’t be half as bad as Mikael was towards Klaus, but there’d still be plenty of stories to tell between the father and son.

I was worried last week when Hayley knocked Celeste out on her own, but it turns out she was smart enough to have her werewolf friend Eve by her side as they threaten the witch to not even try to use any magic on them.  All they want from her is the elixir to cure their pack of cursed wolves after she placed the curse on them many years ago herself.  Celeste has nothing against Hayley, and if anything she admits she feels sorry for her because she once was in her place as the object of Elijah’s affection.  Celeste was killed once before because of her relationship with Elijah, so she’s only trying to do the best thing for Hayley in giving her pack their freedom.  She could choose to run away with her true family and be freed of her involvement with the Mikaelsons (with the one huge exception of her hybrid baby which would not even make an Original-free life possible).

Elijah’s scenes with Celeste in both her forms (as Sabine and later her old true identity as Celeste) were awesome.  We finally saw him vamp out for the first time ever!  I have a feeling this won’t be the last time, considering that he feels responsible to keep the peace between his brother and sister.  I also can’t go without mentioning his incredibly sweet moment with Hayley after he learned that Celeste wasn’t trying to trick Hayley with the elixir for her family.  Elijah willingly hands the bottle back to Hayley just as he gently kisses her forehead.  Sure, that wolf she was destined to marry won’t give up on Hayley once he’s turned human again, but Elijah has plenty more going for him.  The most important advantage Elijah has with Hayley now is that they’re really considered family.  It’s sometimes easy to forget that there’s a baby on the way with all this other craziness on the show, but that baby’s existence ties Hayley to the Mikaelson family for good, and we all know the old family motto: always and forever.

This episode was leading up to what looks to be a rather epic showdown between the siblings next week when they are all trapped in the cemetery together.  Klaus is after his little sister with a murderous intention, and only Elijah stands between the two.  They both have powerful weapons in hand, but only Klaus’ white oak stake is truly dangerous enough to kill an Original for good.

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