The Originals 2.01 Review: “Rebirth”

the originals rebirth

The Originals returned in as glorious a fashion as you’d expect from the Mikaelsons.  After all, this second season will apparently be quite the family reunion.

Rebekah (or should I say Auntie Bex) nicely summed up the events of the season in the form of a fairytale bedtime story for her baby niece, Hope.  How cool would it be if every episode from now on could start this way rather than a boring old “previously on…” recap?!  Anyway, it was nice to see Rebekah even if it was only for a second.  Thankfully she’s supposed to be back a few more times this season.

From the looks of it, New Orleans had an unusually tame summer with the Guerrera wolves running things and the Mikaelson vampires keeping quiet.  Klaus has been holed up every full moon due to the dozen rings linked to his power.  He’s getting restless though, itching to make a move on the wolves that control him.  “I need to act.  I need to spill blood.”  And spill blood he does!

The only remaining White Oak stake that can kill an Original is missing, but Klaus doesn’t let that stop him from initiating a good old fashioned wolf hunt to capture the twelve rings that drain his power.  Between Marcel shamelessly chopping off hands and Elijah neatly wrapping severed fingers in handkerchiefs  with the rings in tact up, that whole wolf hunt sequence was incredible.

Klaus wins for scene stealer of the episode when he dragged bodies of wolves who attacked his compound into his room and began using blood from their ripped open necks as paint.  Is it twisted that I was cracking up at that point?  It’s so like Klaus to literally paint with the blood of his enemies.

Hayley has spent much of her time isolated from the vampire compound.  She’s not taking well to the adjustment of becoming a hybrid in addition to having to publicly grieve for her baby.  She agreed to help with the wolf hunt, and for the most part, she was awesome.  Why she chose to spare Oliver’s life confused me.  Sure, he’s from her Crescent wolf pack and there’s not many of them left, but he’s obviously a traitor to the cause if he so easily joined up with the Guerreras.  It also got me wondering, where is Jackson when all this is going on?  Does he still believe he’s destined to marry Hayley even though she’s half vampire now?

Elijah and Hayley shared a few key scenes together.  He had spared Francesca’s life so that Hayley could have the honors of exacting her revenge for the part the wolf played in the “murder” of her baby.  Hayley definitely had her fun in killing her, but she still feels miserable afterward.  Elijah tries to tell her that heightened emotions are normal when transitioning into vampirism, but Hayley knows this isn’t what she wanted.  She thinks everything’s changed now, even the way Elijah looks at her as compared to before she was killed and became a hybrid.  As viewers, I think it’s obvious that she’s just projecting her own feelings toward herself out onto Elijah.  Of course he still loves her, but he sees that she actually needs Klaus now more than anyone.  This new friendship between Hayley and Klaus will be very interesting to watch!

Marcel spent his summer recruiting new vampires out of willing humans with Josh’s help.  After the wolf hunt loses some of their vampire friends (new record store guy Joe, included) Josh questions why everyone fights for the city.  This is something that’s crossed my mind a few times last season so it was cool to see the writers actually address that.  Marcel answers that it’s not just fighting for real estate.  He has a past in the French Quarter, as did Thierry (RIP) and many others who believed in the soul of the city itself.

It’s safe to say that this defeat of the Guerrera wolves is only the calm before the storm.  Davina is the only one who knows about Mikael, who is conveniently her little puppet in the church attic.  He’s linked to her until she successfully breaks the bloodline between Klaus and all of the vampires he sired.  Little does she know that she’s also got another Mikaelson working his way into her life.

We saw Esther and Finn return at the end of last season in the bodies of witches.  They’re laying low as they watch Elijah and Klaus eliminate the wolf problem for them.  While they haven’t made their presence known yet, Esther, Finn, and Kol (surprise!) are working their way into the inner circle of Elijah and Klaus in disguise.  As Vincent, Cami’s new college advisor, Finn is angling at some unknown goal there.  Then there’s Kol, in the body of a teenage witch named Kaleb, who has plans for Davina.

What did you think of the premiere?

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