The Originals 1.04 Review: The Girl in New Orleans

new orleans

The ladies ruled the show this week.  Rebekah succeeded in finding Elijah!  Davina and Hayley were allowed out of their respective attics and houses!  Even Cami finally became interesting this week!

Of course, Klaus had interactions with all the women.  He compelled Cami to gain information on Marcel’s plans.  We learned a bit more about her backstory when she revealed to Klaus under compulsion that her brother was the priest-in-training responsible for a massacre of other seminary students in the now abandoned local Catholic Church.  He inexplicably took his own life after violently killing the priests.  Because Klaus told her about the existence of vampires under his compulsion, she rightly so freaks out that maybe some supernatural power was responsible for her brother’s actions.  Now I’m not sure why Klaus had to erase that worry from her mind.  If she was angry enough, she could have worked with Klaus to find whoever was responsible for her brother.  I would bet money that Marcel and/or Davina had something to do with it, and once she would find out, she wouldn’t be so smitten with him after all.

Davina convinces Marcel to let her out of her attic to attend the Dauphine Street Music Festival.  The only condition is that Cami has to stay with her the whole night.  It seems Davina was a normal girl until she was about 10, since that was the last time she saw her classmate Tim, who she’s had a crush on ever since.  Tim is playing in a band during this music festival, and Klaus uses this connection to his advantage.  He endangers Tim’s life, and then at Davina’s pleading, saves him.  Klaus’ only real motive here is to get inside Davina’s head, and convince her that Marcel isn’t actually her friend.  This will be interesting to see played out next week.  Davina’s powers are clearly even beyond Marcel’s control, so I’m not sure that Klaus’ plan to free her will really benefit anyone.

Rebekah found Davina’s attic in the church, and consequently Elijah’s body.  She couldn’t enter the room, but somehow Elijah communicated with her.   I’m not entirely sure how Elijah could induce that kind of dream or hallucination where he was talking to Rebekah, but I guess that’s just a fancy new power of the Originals.  Elijah told his sister that he will be back to normal in a few hours because Davina took the stake out of his body thereby rendering it powerless.  He wants to stay there, so he can learn more about Davina’s abilities and protect Hayley and the baby.

Hayley agrees to go to a doctor for a check-up with a supposedly friendly witch.  Because she is still an outcast for being a werewolf, she had to go to this really shady cabin in the woods.  Her instincts kick in when she sees a group of dangerous men driving up to the cabin.  She kicks butt and gets out of there.  Rebekah catches up with her in the woods to save her from the attackers, until even Rebekah gets knocked out.  She wakes up to a bloody mess where all the attackers are brutally murdered.  Hayley is nowhere to be seen.    She only resurfaces later once Klaus gets word and shows up to the cabin.  It’s a mystery as to what happened to Hayley because she can’t remember anything.  She was also shot at in the woods, but the wound healed completely.  It seems as though the baby’s blood is as strong as Klaus’ blood, and it is protecting Hayley.  That’s probably to be expected with a supernatural baby of this stature, but I’m curious to see what other powers this baby possesses while still in the womb.

Last but not least, we met a new character who appears to also know the truth about vampires and witches.  Father Kieran first met Rebekah in the church, and later warned Marcel about her snooping around.  I can’t help but wonder what this man of God’s connection is to the supernatural occurrences in town.

Final thoughts/questions:

What happened to Davina when she was 10? This isn’t Harry Potter, so she didn’t get her Hogwarts letter.  But why was she pulled out of school, and presumably taken from whatever family she must have had?

What really happened to Hayley in the woods?  How is it possible she has no memory of what happened, or does she remember and she’s keeping more secrets from Klaus and Rebekah?

What is Father Kieran’s deal?  How is he not scared to stand up to Marcel and threaten him, when Marcel and his legions of vampires could just as quickly kill him?

What does Cami’s brother’s murder-suicide have to do with any of this?


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