The Originals Review: While the Wolves Are Away the Fangs Come Out to Play

The Originals

The Originals is nothing if not consistent with family feuds underlying their supposed love for each other. The Mikaelsons’ vow of “always and forever” is called into question as outside forces continue to pressure the visible cracks among their bonds.

As always, Rebekah was sorely missed tonight. I have to commend her for taking herself out of the equation when she did because at least this means she has a better chance of surviving when all the dust settles. The prophecy calling for the downfall of the family hasn’t yet come true but all the pieces are falling into place without us really noticing.

Elijah actually ends the episode with a voiceover on a call with Klaus where he’s expressing his concern that he feels the threat has been in front of them all along. He’s exactly right. Lucien hasn’t made a move on Klaus or Elijah yet but he’s now in possession of the last white oak bullet. Elijah almost got rid of the thing once and for all until Finn talked brought up a good point. He’s since been cursed by Davina to remain in his vampire body for the rest of his life. She only did that after hearing how miserable he was and scheming to return to a witch’s body instead. With the last of the white oak tree gone forever, the Mikaelsons are ensured to live forever. Forever is a long, long time. Even Elijah can’t give up on that idea of one day needing to end it all. No one can blame any of them for being mentally and emotionally drained. They’ve all lived enough lives and deserve the chance to end their torment on their own terms.

Freya should’ve been a little more wary of her not-so-secret admirer, Lucien. First he showed up at the compound gifting her with flowers and acknowledging the spark between them, but he wouldn’t stop nosing around their business when she was breaking up fights between her brothers. At one point he was literally following her like a puppy dog and not even interjecting to help stop the fights.

Lucien’s always been a shady character and now his true identity is starting to be revealed. We knew he was behind the company responsible for the wolves disappearing but the characters don’t know that yet. Only a matter of time before the rest of his plans fall into place. He has the weapon that could take down Klaus, and no sire line exists between them anymore. But who will he choose to use it on? He could wipe out an entire line of vampires if he turns on Elijah. Not like it’ll ever come to that though.

Klaus and Hayley missed out on all the fun at the compound since they’re still on the run from the influx of Klaus’ enemies descending upon New Orleans. The little family getaway is turning out to be beneficial for both of them. I truly love the relationship between Klaus and Hayley this season. Not even romantically speaking, just as trusting and respecting parents for Hope. Klaus wouldn’t let Hayley consult with a teenage girl who triggered her werewolf curse and had no one to talk to. Luckily Hayley stands up for herself and wasn’t even asking his permission. She did it anyway. Yeah, Klaus eavesdropped but he most definitely gained a new perspective on the kind of person Hayley is, and the kind of person he should hope his daughter turns out to be. Her advice to the struggling girl was very sweet to hear as she reassured her that she “can’t let the past define who you are.” Another notable quote from Hayley to Klaus was “being kind doesn’t make you weak.”

Overall not much progress was made. The episode felt like 50 percent fist fights between Finn and Kol and the other half on Klaus and Hayley. It should be fun to see what brings Lucien and Freya to Mystic Falls next week!

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