The Originals Season 2 Episode 16 Review: “Save My Soul”

The Originals

Last night, The Originals delved deeper into Freya’s past.  Still, not all of her siblings are convinced she’s entirely trustworthy.  Either way, the threat of Dahlia seems more dangerous than ever.

Flashbacks to different critical points in Freya’s long life were to be expected, especially if we’re supposed to trust her character as viewers.  Even as a little girl recently handed over to her evil aunt Dahlia as payment from her mother, Freya went through a lot.  It’s not hard to buy her story that she only wants revenge on Dahlia so that she can be free of her cursed life.  She’s as tortured as her siblings, even appealing to Klaus in that sense that they can both relate to being “ruined” by those that raised them.  Elijah and Rebekah are quick to believe her, but of course, Klaus can never be won over that easy.  If the foreboding creepy music playing in Hope’s room means anything, Dahlia is much closer than anticipated.  Once she makes her first move, Klaus will get the wake up call he needs.  He can’t fight her alone, as Freya has been saying all along that Hope’s only chance is if all of the siblings are united.

Rebekah’s a little preoccupied right now dealing with the current body she’s swapped into.  Last week, we learned that Eva Sinclair was locked away in the witch asylum because she’s a serial killer who targets children.  She’s now fighting for control of her body, which complicates matters for innocent Rebekah who was only placed in this body as a mean joke by her (now dead again) brother Kol.  If Kol had any idea the kind of person Eva was, Rebekah better not waste any time trying to bring him back to life after this mess he put her through. Eva’s putting up quite a fight for her body, causing Rebekah to black out and wake up hours later in strange places.  She’s racked up quite a body count already, but it’s hard to tell if all her victims are necessarily dead.  She may just be drawing on their powers, at least I hope so since Davina is one of them!

Another body swap gone wrong, the real Vincent just regained consciousness of his body when Freya removed Finn for safe keeping or whatever.  Elijah made the deal with Josephine LaRue to return Vincent to the Treme witches in exchange for calling off hits on Eva, but now with Eva fighting back, it appears that deal is off.  Marcel even offers Vincent a free psychology consult with Cami to catch him up to speed on what he (or better phrased, Finn) has been doing in his body for the last few months.  Not sure why they’re going to try to pair Cami off with someone else already, but I do admit I see some sparks between them.  Is another romance necessary?  No.  Let’s focus more on the fact that Eva is Vincent’s wife and also the potential for the Treme witches to be even more powerful than the Quarter witches we’re used to already.  Who knew New Orleans had so many different types of witches?

Overall, it wasn’t a bad episode.  Lots of necessary exposition, especially on Freya’s end.  Hayley and Jackson played such minor roles this week and their scenes were so unimportant with everything else going on.  All they did was talk some more about Klaus’ involvement with the wolves.  The funny thing is that they don’t even realize that he’s going behind their back to help Aidan become the alpha.

Notable quotables:

-”If I were you brother, I’d rethink your alliances going forward.” -Freya throwing shade right back at Klaus when he claimed to see right through her

-”If there’s one thing I’ve learned, we do better when we’re not alone.” -Cami to Vincent

-”You had a lovely audition. It just didn’t seem to be the right fit.” -Klaus’ sassy remark to Freya after still not believing that she is his sister.

What did you think of the episode?  Do you think Klaus has a reason to doubt Freya?  

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