The One Fan Theory For The MCU That Cannot Happen

Spider Man

If you’re a fan of movies, you probably like making a crazy fan theory or two. Now, if you like superhero movies, you probably can’t help yourself. As a vehement lover for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’m making theories all the time. I can’t help myself, because there are some particular things that I want to know how and when it’s all going to happen. For instance, how will the mutants be introduced in the MCU? Now that’s a question that every MCU fan wants to know. I’ve heard the theories and they all make sense, but I have a feeling Marvel will surprise us. That’s how it should be. It’s better when we don’t see something great coming. By now, we should expect the unexpected.

However, the mutants isn’t the only thing we MCU fans are making theories about. It’s a long list, but there’s one fan theory that really catches my attention. Except the thing is, it doesn’t catch my attention in a good way. In fact, this one particular fan theory should not happen. Why? Well, honestly, because it’s very, very dumb. The one character this particular fan theory revolves around is none other than Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man.

Let’s start from the beginning. Last time we saw Spider-Man, he was in a very bad spot. The supposedly dead Mysterio revealed his identity to the world and framed him for attempting to destroy London. In the eyes of most of the people of the MCU, Spider-Man is a psychotic terrorist. Now, Peter Parker is a fugitive and on the run. He’ll have many bad guys and probably even good guys gunning for him. Spider-Man is in the toughest spot he’s ever been in.

So what’s the big, silly fan theory that I don’t want to happen? Well, it’s something that happened a while ago in Marvel Comics. Back when Marvel fist did the Civil War storyline, Peter Parker voluntarily revealed his identity to the world. Everyone knew he was Spider-Man, including his enemies that wanted his head on a platter. We Marvel fans knew that something terrible was bound to eventually happen to either him or his loved ones. Well, the worst thing that could’ve possibly happened to him did happen. Kingpin hired an assassin to kill him, but when he attempted to snipe him, Peter sensed it and he dodged the bullet. Unfortunately, the bullet hit his Aunt May instead. Yeah, when bad things happen to Aunt May, we all feel it.

So how did Peter save her life? He arranged a little meeting with the demon Mephisto. He begged Mephisto to save her and the demon was actually willing to abide. However, being the duplicitous demon that he is, he demanded something in return: Peter was to give up his marriage to Mary Jane and they could never reunite as a couple. After Peter and Mary Jane gave their tearful goodbyes, Peter agreed to Mephisto’s terms. Aunt May was saved and Peter lost his wife. Such a sad chapter in Peter’s life, but he still had the issue of being a wanted felon.

Well, Peter actually asked Mephisto for another favor on top of saving his aunt. Okay, before I say it, this is where things get really dumb. Peter asked Mephisto to make everyone forget that he was Spider-Man. Mephisto basically snapped his fingers and voila, the whole world forget who Spider-Man was. Everyone except for his closest friends and family of course. He went back to being Spider-Man and things weren’t so bad for him.

I’m sure I speak for many Marvel fans when I say that was a really lame ending for that Spider-Man story. That’s why I seriously hope that the MCU doesn’t go with it, because it’s just a lazy cop out. When I read this fan theory for the MCU, I just threw my arms up in anger. Would Marvel actually do this in the MCU? The skeptical side of me is fearing that they’re setting up for it. Now that Peter is a fugitive in the MCU, his enemies won’t just be coming for him, but for his loved ones as well. They’ll target his friends, including Ned, his new girlfriend, MJ, but the person they’ll be gunning for most is Aunt May. It makes sense, considering she’s Peter’s only living relative and his primary guardian.

All the bad guys have to do is look up where he lives and they’ll attack Aunt May to draw him out. My guess is that one of Peter’s superhero friends will keep her safe or SHIELD will hide her. Even from the eyes of the regular public, Aunt May will be the woman who raised Spider-Man, the super terrorist. Things don’t look good for her, and it’s just another thing that Peter has to worry about.

If Aunt May does die because of Peter’s exposed identity, then this fan theory might work its way into the MCU. As a lifelong fan of Marvel, I have to say that whole ending to Peter’s fugitive problem was one of their worst decisions ever. An evil demon just snaps his fingers and makes everyone forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man? Yeah, no. Needless to say, it was a lazy and very anti-climatic way to end such a good storyline for Spider-Man. It could’ve been great, but that ending really derailed it.

Is that really how the MCU intends to solve the fugitive problem with Peter? I sincerely hope not. As far as MCU fan theories go, that has got to be the worst one. I’m usually intrigued with all of the fan theories that have to do with the MCU, rightfully so. We fans can come up with some crazy things and most of the time, it’s good stuff. For example, another popular fan theory is the upcoming debut of Mephisto in the MCU. We cans predict that he’ll be played by Christian Bale in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Makes sense, considering Bale can probably nail that character and the Thor movies love to explore the fantasy and supernatural aspects of the MCU.

Mephisto needs to be in the MCU. If he does debut soon, his most standout moment cannot be making everyone forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Seriously, that would be beyond disappointing. There will be a way for Peter to prove his innocence and get past his current predicament, but it has to be more creative than a few memory wipes. Mephisto should fight Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, and many other heroes.

This isn’t the craziest fan theory on the internet, but it’s the top one that should not come true. Peter Parker will probably win in the end, but we’ll just have to wait and see on how he continues his life if everyone knows he’s Spider-Man. I trust that Marvel will surprise us in a way that’s actually good.

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