The Moon Knight Villain Ethan Hawke Could Be Playing

I don’t know about you, but the upcoming Marvel Disney+ series I’m most stoked for is the Moon Knight series. If you ask me, it’s a no-brainer. We’re talking about one of the few characters who is basically the Batman of the Marvel Universe. Other than Daredevil and Iron Man, this masked, cape-wearing vigilante is the closest thing to the dark knight Marvel has in their roster. The thing is, as awesome as Moon Knight is, he’s also legitimately insane. Like, truly and dangerously insane. His official mental disease is categorized as dissociative identity disorder. In other words, he has multiple personalities that he has difficulty controlling. But what are his powers? Well, like Batman, he possesses no superhuman powers or abilities. However, he is a highly skilled martial artist, given his time spent as a professional boxer, a U.S. Marine, and a mercenary. But guess what? He doesn’t use guns. What he prefers to use in combat is shuriken weapons in the shape of crescent moons, scarab-shaped darts, a golden ankh-shaped blunt weapon, and an adamantium reinforced truncheon capable of firing a grappling hook and can be extended into a bo staff. Does that sound similar to the arsenal of our favorite caped crusader? Very much so, which is just part of the reason why we are very excited to see Moon Knight make his live-action debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But wait, this guy actually does have some powers, but to a certain degree. As Marc Spector, his civilian identity, he has been killed several times, but was always resurrected by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. This actual deity is the true source of his powers, but there is a catch. Depending on the lunar cycles of the moon, Moon Knight could have enhanced strength, speed, and endurance. A full moon could grant him incredible strength, whereas a half-moon could make him only stronger than most men. With his arsenal of Egyptian-themed gadgets, his unique powers, and the fact that he’s mentally unstable, it all makes Moon Knight a very complex and odd character. With a character like this, you can be sure that he has a very grotesque and down-right weird rogues gallery. Of course, it’s not on the same level as Batman, but you need a variety of over-the-top villains to match a strange hero like Moon Knight.

That’s actually why I’m bringing him up. If you checked out Disney+ day, you undoubtedly saw the little teaser for the upcoming series. Yeah, that was a real eye-popper, especially since we got to hear Oscar Isaac talk in a different accent. The Moon Knight series will stay true to the mental instability of the character and will explore the four main alter egos of Marc Spector. This includes billionaire businessman Steven Grant, taxicab driver Jake Lockley, suited consultant Mr. Knight, and even the red-haired little girl Inner Child. That’s quite a diverse, not to mention odd collection of personalities. I’m excited to see how that’s going to be done, but I’m also very curious as to who he’ll be fighting. Now Moon Knight does have some dark villains to choose from, and it stretches from the supernatural, to the totally insane. The other main cast member for the series is the famous Ethan Hawke, who is not a fan of Marvel movies, by the way. How he was convinced to sign up for the Moon Knight series certainly speaks volumes. He either really loved the script or maybe he just owes someone a favor, but either way, I’m excited to see him play a Marvel villain.

According to Ethan Hawke himself, his Moon Knight villain will be a cult leader. To give us a little more insight, he said he based his performance off of notorious cult leader David Koresh. That certainly aroused my curiosity, but it still left open many options for his role. Is he playing Black Spectre, a former soldier twisted by the horrors of war? Could he be playing Morpheus, the disfigured madman with psionic powers out for revenge? Or could Ethan Hawke be playing Raoul Bushman, a former comrade of Marc Spector’s who was actually responsible for his death? Raoul Bushman was my first choice, considering he is also the arch-enemy of Moon Knight. If Moon Knight is getting his own series, then it would make sense to have in arch-enemy in the picture. Plus the fact that this villain is a grotesque combination of Batman’s Joker and the Punisher’s Jigsaw. Yup, he’s a bad cat.

But honestly, since the MCU is getting more ambitious as time goes on, why not go bigger? The villain I have in mind for Ethan Hawke is a villain who isn’t regularly associated with Moon Knight. However, I do believe this villain can be suited for the series, given the dark nature of the character. Any guesses? Here’s a little hint, this villain has already appeared in a Marvel movie. It wasn’t too good, but maybe Marvel can give him another chance. Give up? I’ll just say it, the one and only Dracula. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, the most famous vampire ever is also a villain in Marvel Comics. He doesn’t really make a habit of fighting the Avengers, but more the supernatural-type heroes. As you can guess, one of those heroes is Blade, the halfbreed vampire hunter. This is a hero who specializes in fighting the supernatural. We know that he’s coming to the MCU in the near-future and if you’re aware of the post-credits scene in The Eternals, he’s apparently recruiting for a team of his own. That’s very cool, because it implies that Moon Knight might be an ideal candidate for this team. Of course, I am referring to the Midnight Sons, but now’s the time to build up for them. Moon Knight is a good start, especially if he’s going to be fighting some supernatural villains.

Just think about it. Ethan Hawke described his character to be a cult leader and that could be a more modern take on Dracula. It could be the far cry from what we’re used to typically seeing in all of those Dracula movies. Seeing Ethan Hawke in that vampiric form, but in a more cultish and modern fashion would be fitting for the Moon Knight series. On top of that, I do believe that this could very well lead to Marvel establishing their Midnight Sons team. I think it’s a cool idea and I can’t wait for the Moon Knight show to air next year.

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