“The Matrix” on a $20 Budget is Hilarious

One could honestly say that The Matrix helped to change the face of pop culture forever since so many examples have been used from the movies over the years that it’s been impossible not to make some reference that has to do with them. But seeing the rooftop scene in which Trinity and Neo fought an agent and created an iconic moment is something that a lot of people still recall since it was one of the most impressive action sequences of the 90s. The moment when Neo leaned back and showed that he was just as quick as the agents was both eye-opening and jaw-dropping since this type of thing had never been seen before, and it was a style that a lot of people couldn’t fully understand. But the example that this movie gave to the world was something that would go on to spawn two more sequels and a a lot of copycats in the years to come, including an animated anthology, The Animatrix, which was pretty cool all on its own. And on top of that, we’re getting another Matrix pretty soon. 

Watching this clip, it’s very easy to see how everything was planned out, but it’s also just as easy to think that those involved in the video might have had to start over a few times. Whether it was from laughing too hard at one moment or another, or because they missed their cue is hard to say, but it’s likely that it was both since this feels like it might have been a fun project up to a point. The attention to detail was nice, but the comical nature of the clip was even better since the use of Nerf and water guns was a nice touch. Keeping the budget down definitely comes with a few interesting developments, especially given that the look was still good enough to keep with the general idea of the movie. 

Of course it’s also nice that we never got to hear Neo utter a line that might have meant that he’d lost all hope. But the help from behind to nail the backward bending motion as he sought to escape the Nerf darts was pretty funny, not to mention that it might have taken a few tries to get it right. It’s easy to think that if the folks who create these types of clips ever decided to make a blooper reel that we might get a lot more humorous clips to look at that would probably get a good deal of attention. A lot of movie fans love a good blooper reel after all since it shows that not everything goes to plan all the time and that anyone can have a bad day in front of the camera now and then. But as far as quality goes, this clip was rather well done and to think that it took only $20 to make is kind of easy since if they had a bunch of stuff lying around, or if they went to the dollar store for certain items, it could certainly keep the cost down. It’s quite possible that a lot of people have stuff lying around the house that could help make a movie if they just looked, especially if they picked a movie that utilized what they had. 

Thinking too much about how it’s done and what went into the clip can kind of ruin the whole idea, but in this case it’s kind of interesting since it could help to inspire others and even give them an idea of how to come up with a story they want to emulate on the cheap. Just think about it, future generations of filmmakers could be making their way up the ranks by using clips such as this one to show what they can do, and in the process there might a few diamonds in the rough that reveal themselves at the right moment. Those same people could become the next big thing in Hollywood. It’s not nearly as far-fetched as a person might think since everyone has to start somewhere, and being found online is bound to be one of the easier ways to make something happen. It’s not a perfect method obviously, but it’s definitely a way to get notices since mentioning a video that one has seen is a lot simpler than the old school method of sending in a movie along with one’s life story.

When all is said and done this was a pretty funny recreation of a great scene from a very though-provoking movie that was executed nicely by those that made it. If nothing else, it does look like they had a good time, and that they could be down to make more of these in the future. That would be something to see since these days watching fan films is just as entertaining as watching blockbusters that cost millions of dollars and aren’t all that great.  

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