The Top Five Witches in the History of Movies

The Top Five Witches in the History of Movies

The Top Five Witches in the History of Movies

Throughout film history witches, true witches, have only been as good or bad, evil or benevolent, and there have rarely ever been any that lie in between.  The trick about magic that we’ve all learned from TV and movies at this point is that those who use it pay a heavy price and can either benefit from its power and the cost of giving back, or they will forever be marked by the darkness that is in their soul, festering away in the shadows and grime. In films witches are often depicted as hags, but there have been some that have shown a softer, more delicate side to witchcraft that is not as common. And of course, they’ve been used as comedic tools more than once. Why not? They definitely lend themselves to the part.

Here are some of the greatest witches throughout movie history.

5. The Grand High Witch – Witches

The Top Five Witches in the History of Movies

Witches and children seem to go hand in hand when it comes to film. In this movie the witches of the world are planning to turn children into mice. It’s a creepy and very odd premise but one that is only heightened by the fact that each witch in attendance is not what she seems. It’s kind of hard to think of this as a kids film when the witches peel back their faces and show themselves for what they really are.

4. The Sanford Sisters – Hocus Pocus

The Top Five Witches in the History of Movies

Despite the obviously dark undertones of this film it is quite amusing all the way through. The Sanford sisters, witches of the old world that were known for stealing the life essence of children, were hanged way back when but not before they were able to cast a spell that would bring them back when a virgin lit the black flame candle. Well, you can guess what happens.

3. Sarah Bailey – The Craft

The Top Five Witches in the History of Movies

You might wonder why she’s in here since she’s not evil and she’s not well known within the realm of film witchcraft. The reason why she deserves this spot however is that during the film she not only comes to terms with the fact that she’s a natural-born witch, but also that she’s far more powerful than her three “friends” could ever hope to be if given ten lifetimes.

2. Haggis – Pumpkinhead

The Top Five Witches in the History of Movies

She’s about as neutral as it gets for a witch. She’ll do the bidding of whoever calls upon her if they’re willing to pay the price, but otherwise she tends to let people be. When she does call something into being however there’s nothing else to do but let it run its course. Haggis is the type that will simple laugh at a man for his regrets, much as she did for Ed Harley. The trick is she knows that her soul if forfeit, she doesn’t care.

1. The Wicked Witch of the West – The Wizard of Oz

The Top Five Witches in the History of Movies

Come on, you had to expect this green-skinned classic to come into play at some time. She’s one of the reasons why those witches above even exist to this day. Granted, the witch mythos that exists in so many different cultures is more than enough to pull from, but this shrill-voiced crone is a shining example of why so many people are afraid of witches even now.

Good or bad, witches are no one to mess with in the movie world.


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