Five Actors Who Seemed Really Out of Place in Movies

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, there are moments when an actor just isn’t right for the role, and as a result, they tend to stand out like a sore thumb. Being out of place in a movie isn’t quite that bad if the actor can make it work somehow, but there have been many instances when it doesn’t matter if the actor is that great or the role is that easy to accept. There are simply times when the actor really shouldn’t have been placed in that predicament since they can’t act their way out of it and have to simply do the best they can with what they’ve been given. Then again, there are plenty of people that claim that these actors can do anything and that there’s really no reason to make the claim that they were out of place or were in the wrong movie, but often these are the same kind of folks that will find the good in anything no matter how bad it really is. This type of perspective is still important, but there are times when it’s best to be a little more realistic when detailing why certain parts, or movies, didn’t work.

Here are a few actors that were a little too out of place to miss.

5. Matt Damon – The Great Wall

On the upside, this movie wasn’t whitewashed as people were thinking it might have been since Damon and Pedro Pascal weren’t taking on the part of Chinese characters. Instead, they were white men that had found themselves unwittingly embroiled in a war against a legion of demonic creatures that the Chinese had built the Great Wall to defend against, and were enlisted when it was discovered how adept they actually were at fighting. Some folks might still want to claim whitewashing as a reason why this movie didn’t do that well, but to be fair, it’s more likely that Matt and Pedro just weren’t the guys to take on the roles they were given.

4. Tom Cruise – Austin Powers: Goldmember

This one is a little harder to judge simply because Cruise was being used in a very obvious manner and wasn’t really attempting to supplant Austin as he was being used as an actor in the role of Austin Powers. In other words, it was kind of a goof that was added in to be funny, meaning that of course, he was out of place because it wasn’t meant to be serious. But it still felt as though someone else could have been used and it might have been just as funny but also a little more effective since to be honest, casting Cruise in Austin’s role is a bit, well, over the top to put it kindly, just as Gwyneth Paltrow’s role was.

3. Judi Dench – Chronicles of Riddick

I would ask how they got Judi Dench for this role but since she opted to show up in Cats as well, that question kind of answers itself. It’s not so much that Chronicles of Riddick was that bad, well, not bad enough to be called one of the worst movies ever, but it was without a doubt a bit questionable when it comes to just how good it really was. Plus, seeing someone like Dench show up in this movie somehow feels extremely out of place, as though it should have been a fantasy movie with far more frills and a lot less animalistic and violent tendencies. Perhaps Cloud Atlas would have been a better place for her to show up.

2. Halle Berry – X-Men

I can hear the arguments already on this one since Halle Berry is thought to be one of the most talented women in show business and has the awards to prove it. But let’s be honest and say that when it comes the X-Men she was a little too perky and had a very girl next door feel to her when Ororo was meant to be someone that had made her way from the streets and was a lot more regal than Berry was capable of being. Some feel that Angela Bassett would have been a good fit and they’re not entirely wrong since she has the look and the acting ability, but obviously her time has come and gone for such a role.

1. Ben Affleck – Daredevil

This is kind of a given since Daredevil wasn’t that great of a movie and there are only a couple of scenes that were really that great. To be even more blunt, Colin Farrell had a better role in this movie than Ben Affleck did, since as Bullseye he got to be a bit off the wall and far more in tune with his character. Trying to picture Affleck as Daredevil is a bit too much since not only is the attitude wrong, but everything felt wrong.

Some actors just aren’t right for certain roles and can’t be jammed in there to prove people wrong.

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