Five Reasons Mel Brooks Movies Should Never be Remade

Five Reasons Mel Brooks Movies Should Never be Remade

Every director is unique in their own way. This is a fact that can be justified no matter if many of them have been compared to each other in terms of style and the movies they’ve created. But among the many directors that people have fully enjoyed over the years, Mel Brooks is one of the few that has managed to find a way to highlight some of the most negative and controversial subjects in history while making fun of them. From movies such as The Producers to Blazing Saddles to Spaceballs, Brooks has managed to create humor while using controversy as a means of delivering one joke after another. The effect of this has divided fans over the years since it’s reminded them that humanity has been divided throughout history. But the manner in which Brooks has presented each movie has made it possible to see how truly ridiculous these controversial elements are. His movies don’t offer an excuse, they just offer up a new way to look at things that’s less depressing than actual history.  Here are five reasons why Mel Brooks’ movies shouldn’t ever be remade. 

5. The sense of humor is unique.

People that try to emulate Brooks’ humor in this day and age are often subjected to a 50/50 success rate since in the woke era we’re currently living in, a lot of people take offense at the smallest things. When watching movie reviews that feature any of Brooks’ movies, many folks are still taken aback at the language that’s used and the controversial topics that are brought up to earn a laugh or two. But thankfully a lot of people in the modern era have taken the time to understand how Brooks’ sense of humor ends up giving them a different perspective that can allow this style of humor to be just as effective. 

4. Brooks understood how to make fun of controversial issues.

One movie that usually comes to mind when it comes to controversy of any type is Blazing Saddles, since this stands out as one of Brooks’ most abrasive features since it was so obvious with the wording and the situations that were presented to the fans. But the manner in which these elements were presented left a lot of people gasping for breath after laughing so hard for several minutes at a time. Instead of leaning into the serious nature of the issues that arose from each situation, Brooks offered a heaping helping of humor that smothered the overall hurt and depressing nature of the situation, thereby leaving people no other option than to laugh. 

3. If anyone else tried to make these movies they would be vilified. 

There’s a chance that someone today would be able to at least try to emulate Brooks and pay homage to his work. But in the modern era it feels likely that many directors would see their reputation under attack instantly after signing on for such a movie. There are plenty of features that take on similar topics, but they don’t manage to touch upon the various subjects in the same manner. Trying to recreate Brooks’ sense of humor would not only be a bad idea, but it does feel as though most directors would find that people might turn on them in an instant if they tried making light of the same types of situations that Brooks highlighted. 

2. Despite any outrage, people will laugh.

This isn’t bound to happen in the same way if any of Brooks’ movies were remade in their entirety, since those who watch the older movies today, if their sense of humor is intact, will still laugh even if they’re a bit shocked to see what passed for great cinema back in the day. The fact is that Brooks’ movies are filmed in a way that allows humor to be one of the first and strongest reactions that people feel, since the manner in which he presents each situation is often seen to be light and not so insanely focused upon the inherent negativity of each situation. Injecting humor into various situations can alter the impact they have upon the audience with a great amount of ease. 

1. He knew how to take the power out of controversial topics. 

This is one reason why humor is so powerful, because it manages to negate the overall sting of certain situations by showing people how it can be made to look a bit silly and, in many ways, ridiculous. Such a method still paints a negative picture of other ethnicities at times, but in the same breath, the caricatures that are created are so insanely funny that taking offense to such representations feels like an empty gesture, while laughter is a far more acceptable response since one can watch Brooks’ movies without taking anything personally. At least, that’s the hope.  There are a lot of movies that people don’t want to see remade, but anything by Mel Brooks feels like it would be a tragedy if someone decided to make such an attempt. 

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