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The Fosters

The Fosters have some of the best examples of parenting around, but even the best parents need help sometimes. Raising five teenagers, each with their own important issues, has put more strain on Stef and Lena than they could have imagined. Tack on the extra workload Stef has had with her promotion and Lena is facing fighting for the school, and the moms have had enough. It’s time to admit that they need help with their brood, and it’s coming from people they wouldn’t originally have preferred to lean on: their children’s biological parents. It takes a village to raise kids, and while the boundaries aren’t always followed, it’s better to have to much help than too little.

I am really, really, really rooting for this Drew guy to fall into a sinkhole. If you think that guys like him don’t exist, then you haven’t been paying enough attention to the education section of the news lately. Lena is up to her ears just trying to keep Anchor Beach afloat while Monty petitions the Department of Education to invalidate Drew’s vote. When Drew co-ops the school paper to spin the protest his way, Mariana and Jude hack into the server to post their own piece. As punishment, Drew not only shuts down the school paper (because why don’t we just do away with the 1st Amendment altogether?), but he also suspends all juniors working on their senior projects early. This means that Jesus can’t work on the senior project, whether he’s held back a year or not.

To that question, there is no definitive answer. Jesus doesn’t take the news well, especially since it was Gabe who told him and not his moms. It wasn’t Gabe’s place to tell Jesus this, especially after Stef asked him not to. Yet he does try to make up for it by volunteering to find donated materials for Jesus to build the treehouse anyways. Jesus can still get credit for a summer project, but he’d rather do it with Gabe and Emma than with Mariana. Guess Mariana’s still not forgiven for her part in keeping the abortion secret. Though Jesus might want to reconsider given that Emma doesn’t seem as sure of their relationship as she said she was. At least Brandon has found a new romance, and with someone who doesn’t judge his mistakes.

Callie’s all-or-nothing attitude is no longer flying with any of her parents, Robert included. Yes, things have gotten to the point that Robert is called in to steer Callie away from self-destruction. Callie throws herself into the college art school classes she gets to audit, but backslides again, letting her nerves make her believe she doesn’t deserve to be there. With the help of her moms and a new friend from class, Callie is reminded that everything she’s been through is only going to make her a better artist, so long as she is true to herself.

It seems trivial in comparison to everything else going on, but it would be nice for the Adams-Foster family to have a good relationship with their new neighbors. There’s a few hiccups at first, but it seems that the new neighbors are a good fit-perhaps too good. Do I detect a hint of old sexual tension between Stef and the new Mrs. next door?

What do you think of the stories laid ahead for Season 5?


The Fosters Season 5 Episode 2 Review: "Exterminate Her"


Season 5 of the Fosters pushes the kids to take steps towards adulthood, but they’ll need help from unexpected people.

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