The Five Biggest Mysteries of the Dexter Season 7 Premiere

Well we knew that this season of Dexter would open with a bang, as we’ve never seen a cliffhanger like that in the history of the show.

Deb found him in the moment, and the question became, how much will he tell her, and how much will she figure out on her own? The premiere came with a whole bunch of other questions as well, and I thought I’d run through the five most pressing ones.

1. Will Dexter Tell Deb Absolutely Everything?

Yes, she knows he’s a serial killer now, but will he tell the whole story of the Bay Harbor Butcher? Trinity? Ice Truck? All of it? There’s freaking six seasons of info to go over, how can she possibly process all of it without going nuts? What will be her final reaction once she learns the whole truth?

2. What are These Sneaky Russians Up To?

Alright, they’re Ukrainian, I know, but it’s easily confused over here in the uneducated US. Dexter killed Viktor as a one-off revenge murder. But there’s far more too him than the girl in the trunk and a dead cop. What was that bracelet he was wearing? A tracker? Who is the guy in Kiev? Will they trace Viktor’s death back to Dexter somehow?

3. What’s La Guerta Doing with that Slide?

I wondered why La Guerta didn’t make more of a big deal about finding a Bay Harbor Butcher slide at the crime scene, and then once she made the connection for real, she shuttled it away unnoticed. Does she think that Doakes was indeed framed now if the Butcher is still killing? Why would she keep that a secret if it would help clear her friends name? Does she really just not want the case reopened so the department looks bad?

4. What’s the Deal with Lewis?

Lewis has been semi-stalking Dexter for half a season now, but he’s reaching new levels of creepy. He deleted Dexter’s bank accounts for “being a jerk” apparently, and Dexter still hasn’t found his gift of the Ice Truck hand yet, well, not until the last moments of the episode. Is Lewis a serial killer? Will he become one? They’ve been building his character up to be something important this season, and I hope he doesn’t disappoint.

5. Who Will Yvonne Strahovski Play?

We didn’t see the seasons most anticipated guest star this week, leaving us to speculate about what her role will be this season. The actress has revealed few details about her character whom shes says is “dark, mysterious and unlike anything she’s ever played.” As she’s played law enforcement, I don’t think she’ll show up as a new cop. Will she be Dexter’s “Big Bad Archrival” this season instead of Ray Stevenson? I think it’s about time he got a female foil.

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