Author: Jo Garfein

Jo is a pop culture sponge and entertainment writer who covered LOST extensively for several years. Her favorite weather and TV season is Fall. Follow her on Twitter @jopinionated.

LOST: 8 Season Five Revelations

For every ‘answer’ we are given on Lost, there are usually four more questions raised. While this tends to frustrate some fans, I feel as though t

    Lost Askew: “The Variable” in Review

    2007, Off-Island, Los Angeles: Desmond is being wheeled into the emergency room after being shot by Ben. Wife, Penny, and son, Charlie, are accompanying him,

      LOST Askew: “Some Like it Hoth” in Review

      Before you read this recap, I highly recommend that you watch this video, which was released last summer before Season 5: Comic-Con 08 Barracks Video Flashbac

        Lost Askew: “He’s Our You” in Review

        Flashback: Tikrit, Iraq. A boy is instructed by his father to kill a chicken but seems hesitant, so his younger brother Sayid breaks the chicken’s neck

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