The Five Best Christmas Movies of the 60s

The Five Best Christmas Movies of the 60s

Whenever Christmas comes around, there’s a tradition as old as time that holiday folk everywhere indulge in. It’s the perfect time to dust off the old movies, break out the decorations, and relive the old days through the movies that dominated our childhoods.

Hands down, 60s movies were some of the most enjoyable. Sure, the animations don’t quite hold up today. But there’s something about those storylines that’s just pure to the core. Looking back at them brings back a wave of nostalgia that can’t truly be explained.

Nowadays, kids are probably more accustomed to CGI characters than puppets and animations that dominated the screens back then. But that doesn’t mean they don’t possess a certain kind of charm that can win over people of all ages.

With that in mind, here are some of the best Christmas movies from the 60s.

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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Also known as Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!,this classic Christmas movie came out in 1966. Based on the eponymous 1957 children’s book, it just goes to show that there’s nothing like a good story to keep the holiday spirit flowing. Considering how many remakes there have been over the years, this is certainly not an unfamiliar tale.

In a nutshell, the storyline focuses on the grumpy old Grinch and his hate for all things Christmas. Cast out of Whoville before the story began, the Grinch makes it his duty to make life extremely difficult for the Who evers.

In this version, the Grinch was voiced by Boris Karloff, who was already a legend in show business at that point.

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas

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Based on the comic strip Peanuts, A Charlie Brown Christmas was an animated TV special released in 1965. The story here focuses on the titular character and his astute observations during the holiday season. Basically, he was taken aback by the overwhelming amount of commercialism he saw during the holidays.

In a bid to help him ease his frustration, his friend Lucy suggests that he takes a few proactive steps to restore the true spirit of the holiday. While directing the Christmas pageant, Charlie equally loses himself peddling the idea of a pure Christmas.

Altogether, it’s a sweet tale that teaches just about everyone about the true meaning of Christmas — materialism, carols, and all.

3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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The popular song practically tells the story of this zero-turned-hero. But wouldn’t it be interesting to watch the tale play out before your eyes? This 1964 movie is the epitome of what Christmas is all about. Sure, it takes viewers back to a simpler time with the stop-motion visuals, but with a good story, even stick figures can make things shine.

The tale is told through the eyes of Sam the Snowman about a reindeer who’s excluded because of his bright nose. In this Christmas special, you’ll get the full gist of what happened between his rejection and Santa picking him to lead his sleigh.

Altogether, it tells a story of acceptance and pure kindness. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


2. The Little Drummer Boy

Christmas films

Produced by Rankin/Bass Productions, this Christmas special was first televised in Canada. Then it was released four days later in America, in December of ’68. This one leans more toward the more religious aspects of the holiday and has a very sweet message at its core.

The story begins on a sad note with the little drummer boy escaping his kidnappers. As he goes in search of his loyal camel afterward, his journey leads him somewhere special. He ends up in the manger where baby Jesus was born and proceeds to gift him all he could at that moment… a song.

Altogether, this is one of those Christmas movies with tons of heart and spirit.

1. Frosty the Snowman

Christmas special

Another classic, Frosty the Snowman, has the ability to warm anyone’s heart for the holidays. Released on 7 December 1969, it was based on the eponymous song by Walter E. Rollins and Steve Nelson. The beloved story has a girl, Karen, and her friends bringing a snowman to life using a magic hat.

But, after realizing that with winter’s departure, their beloved snowman would melt away, Karen makes a trip to the North Pole to prevent it. Again, there’s tons of heart in this film, and it’s perfect to watch with the whole family to keep that Christmas spirit alive.

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