The Five Best Characters from Bob’s Burgers

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Back in 2011, a new FOX animated sitcom charmed its way into the hearts of millions as Bob’s Burgers followed family man Bob as he runs a quaint little diner with his three kids and wife. Throughout its twelve seasons, we’ve seen a vast array of colorful characters appear onscreen of the popular television show. With the first feature-length movie making its way into theaters later this year, we’re likely to get more unique characters in the world of Bob’s Burgers. This list will crackdown on the five best reoccurring characters on the series thus far. Let’s quickly get to the first name:

Louise Belcher

Bob and Linda are funny characters; however, it’s truly the kids that bring out the best of these two grown-ups. Louise is pretty much a girl version of Bart, but the only thing missing is that she doesn’t skateboard. This manipulative and mischievous child has provided the show with some of the best and hilarious moments, namely Louise undermining Tina’s babysitting skills at Weekend at Mort’s or Louise’s unorthodox encouraging methods of saying, “You have two children and a Louise to take care of!” as she’s slapping Linda silly. However, Louise isn’t a deceitful loudmouth 24/7 as we’ve seen the show tap into her insecurities, vulnerability, and overall niceness that actually helps Louise grow as a character. Sure, she’s back to cooking up an evil scheme in the next episode, but the writers have created a great fully fleshed-out character that never outstays her welcome nor does she come across as a deplorable human being despite her antics.

Gene Belcher

The second Bart of the show, but more of the disgusting, fart, eat, and singing version of The Simpsons character. Gene may not be the manipulative or cunning Louise, but his prankster antics have stolen the spotlight on several occasions. Gene is more of the soft character between him and Louise, he’s genuinely a sweet kid, who has his heart in the right place, whether it was him falling in love with an outside toilet to anything involving his musical talents. However, it’s his constant jabs at Bob that allows him to truly standout. Gene saying, “Heal our dad! Heal his disgusting, broken body,” as Jairo and Bob embraced was one of the laugh-out-loud moments that makes Gene such a fun character.

Tina Belcher

What helps makes the Gene and Louise characters work so well is meek and odd Tina. Fun fact: Tina wasn’t originally in the Bob’s Burgers test pilot, with the oldest child being a boy named Daniel. Had the creators not switched up the character designs then we probably wouldn’t have gotten Tina’s funny and erotic fantasy journals or her infatuation with horses, butts, or anything that drives her sexual mind to the gutter. Tina is the complete pushover between the three siblings; however, she has her fun and powerful moments that greatly compliment the personalities of both Gene and Louise. Her transitioning from childhood to adolescence helps aid some of the character’s best jokes that would actually come across as normal in the real world. Tina is arguably the most reliable character because she isn’t a boisterous or over-the-top character like Gene and Louise, as many of us can easily identify with the awkwardness that Tina usually goes through.

Aunt Gayle

What’s great about Bob’s Burgers is that the show features so many oddball characters, yet none of them are the same. Take Linda’s sister, the aspiring artist who lives alone with her three cats: Jean Paw’d Van Damme, Pinkeye, and Mr. Business. She’s eccentric, but extremely naive and gullible, which makes her the perfect foil for Louise and even Bob. Gayle is definitely best served as a side character as she could quickly get annoying, but there’s always a fun gag going on regarding the easy-going sister of Linda. One of the best moments was Gayle’s weekend with Louise as the young girl hid away from her parents because she afraid to get a filling for her cavity. It provided a stronger opportunity at seeing Gayle’s home life and how her quirkiness would mix with Louise’s personality, and The Kids Run Away does not disappoint.

Bob Belcher

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if the serious focus on a bland character and thankfully Bob is the perfect central figure of the show. He’s poor at business management and has a knack for getting his butt kicked every now and then but Bob is pretty much the heart and soul of the family. From his petty rivalry with Jimmy Pesto, to his reaction of his kids’ antics, and all of his many imperfections, Bob perfectly represents the everyday common man and a refreshing norm from many of the other animated sitcom dads who tend to dip in the a**hole side just for some quick and forgettable laughs.

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