The Best Uses of Poison Songs in Movies or TV

One of the most popular big hair bands, Poison was among the number of groups that would come out on stage and simply rock the house since they were considered to be edgy, new, and something that hadn’t been seen before. But their beginning was pretty modest since they moved all the way across the country from Pennsylvania in order to find their success in Los Angeles, California. They didn’t know anyone, they didn’t have a lot of money, but they had a dream and a desire to go as far as they could with their career and that was all they seemingly needed. No matter how hard it got they can say that they made it, and are still performing to this day. So yes they did look very different in a few ways, but it was enough to get peoples’ attention and to attract fans to their sound.

Here are a few of their songs as seen in movies and TV.

5. Rock of Ages – Talk Dirty to Me

Rock and roll is a unifying force if you really know how to look at it from the right angle. It’s got the kind of energy that can move mountains, bring people together, and remind others just what’s important in life. Drew is a guy that almost lost what he loved by becoming a pop singer, while Stacee almost lost everything by forgetting who he was. Those that support and attempt to lift them up are just as disillusioned and ready to quit and go back to a life that’s unfulfilling, but when Drew and Sherrie get on stage their act revives a lot in the way of belief for rock and roll, and the film ends on a positive note.

4. Scrubs – Talk Dirty to Me

You know if a hospital was run in the manner that this one is that things would be shut down pretty quickly. But for all that they do their best and manage to keep their patients alive and well most of the time since they do take their job seriously when they’re not goofing around. As medical shows go though this was one of those that was highly entertaining since it didn’t take itself too seriously and the actors were capable of drama but were also able to interweave that drama within the comedy that people so enjoyed. All in all it was one of those fun shows that you couldn’t help but watch.

3. Hot Tub Time Machine – Talk Dirty to Me

So what would you change in your life if you could? When a group of friends gets together after one of them tries to commit suicide they return to an old ski lodge that’s crumbling and about ready to fall down by the looks of it. But when they enter the hot tub they’re transported back into their teenage bodies and the fun begins almost immediately. The implications of changing the past are a very real thing that they understand could have huge ramifications, but at the same time they can’t help but want to put their lives in order the way they should have done in the first place. It’s a pretty funny movie.

2. Beer Fest – Every Rose Has It’s Thorn

There’s a huge argument that crops up when it comes to deciding which country produces the better drinkers. Of course considering that America is a relatively new country by world standards they don’t have a team initially at the very well kept secret contest, but when a bunch of friends get together and start training for the event they eventually make their way to the table and demand a place. It’s funny to see the Americans take on Sweden, England, and of course Germany since the European countries are so well-renowned for their ability to drink. But don’t ever count Americans out when it comes to slamming a few back.

1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Nothin’ But a Good Time

You might think that two of the most well-respected spies in the game would know when they’re being played, but given that they’re so adept at keeping secrets it’s kind of easy to see how they might not even suspect that their spouse is a secret agent as well. But when they do figure it out the fallout is hilarious as well as loud and destructive since the arsenals they unload on one another are the types of weapons you might typically find in Bond films and war movies as they decimate the interior of their own home before deciding that they’re now attracted to each other even more. The fight scenes are a little played up, but it’s still highly entertaining.

Poison is still together and still performing, but it’s fair to say that some of their shine has worn off, and now they’re the type of band that people love since they get to relive their youth just a bit with each performance.

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