The Best Uses of Fall Out Boy Songs in Movies or TV

Fall Out Boy got their start back in 2001 and their first real performance was in the cafeteria of DePaul University. It was what many would call goofy and kind of off kilter, but at the same time it was a beginning that would propel them forward into a career that many people have followed since they started getting big. They’ve been hyped up and dished out to many different audiences throughout the years and it’s been kind of a mixed bag reaction at times but at others it’s been nothing short of incredible since people really have taken to their music. There are several songs that have really stood out for the band and some that are just so-so but are still greatly respected. In terms of being everyone’s favorite band Fall Out Boy has never really stood for such a label but at the same time they’ve done their best to keep their fanbase happy.

Here are a few uses of their songs in TV and movies that have been fairly well-received.

5. American Idol – Centuries

Songs take on a much different sound when they’re live than when they’re being recorded in a studio where different effects can be used and added in later. This song however, when done right, is still impressive since it requires someone that can lift their voice to certain pitch that some folks just can’t accomplish no matter how hard they try. American Idol though was a staging ground to pick out those that were far better than the rest and were capable of hitting notes that people couldn’t help but be impressed by. While many people from this show went on to have careers of their own some of them were impressive enough while they were on the show itself.

4. Paper Towns – Fourth of July

Sometimes people just want to get away. The feelings that Quentin feels for Margo take long enough to develop, but by the time they finally do she’s gone and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Some folks find the need to get away from problems they don’t want to discuss with anyone else. While this can embolden some people like Quentin it also makes them realize that whatever problems they have in their lives are nothing compared to those of others. This film was actually pretty touching since it’s one of those coming of age stories that makes you remember what it was like to be young and uncertain of many things in life that seemed so important.

3. The Voice Kids – Sugar We’re Going Down

Don’t ever discount kids for their lack of experience or supposedly burgeoning talent. It’s been done before but thankfully it’s never been paid any real close attention since throughout the decades kids have shown that they have the kind of talent that many adults yearn for. What some lack in experience they more than make up for in raw talent, and without enough patience, diligence, and practice, those kids that can perform like this will one day become the stars we watch and listen to as they prove that their talents aren’t just something that’s there and gone like a bright speck in the sky.

2. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark

The sequel certainly didn’t get the attention the first movie did, but then again the first movie wasn’t an overall blockbuster that stayed around for very long. The story is pretty sound and is actually kind of impressive since mythology is highly addictive and can pull in a big crowd. It’s the execution that tends to throw people off at times since in order to really make this kind of movie work you need to pay attention to the source material and how it’s going to translate into the current era, if it does at all. Perhaps this is one reason why the Percy Jackson movies haven’t really caught on at this time.

1. Big Hero 6 – Immortals

Big Hero 6 is actually a TV series now since people seemed to love the idea so much, but the movie was something that was out of this world in a very good way. It dealt with the loss incurred by Hiro and his aunt when his brother was killed in an explosion at a science fair, but it also dealt with coping and the importance of friendship and working together. Other than that it was just a fun thrill ride as a group of friends became real-life superheroes thanks to their determination and love for science that helped them to make their own super-suits that were, in a word, awesome.

Fall Out Boy is just a fun band to listen to since a lot of their songs are dynamic enough that they make for good listening or to groove to whenever the mood strikes.

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