The Muppet Show Theme Gets Heavy Metal Makeover

Normally something like the Muppet Show getting a heavy metal makeover would be something pretty cool and exciting. But this is borderline horrifying really and doesn’t seem like it would be worth showing to kids. No offense to the artists since it is something unique and quite different. But this seems like it would appeal to adolescents at best, while it would scare a lot of younger children. The kind of sound that it brings isn’t bad, it’s just heavy and kind of challenging for those kids that aren’t used to such material and would likely be kind of put out by it. Some kids would think it to be pretty cool being as they have probably been raised around it for so long. Others though, those that are used to calmer cartoons and shows, would no doubt be kind of scared by the hard and unforgiving sounds.

The effect is pretty cool, but as far as being for the Muppet Show it’s kind of just a little too hardcore to really be considered as usable. When it comes to kids loud noises are pretty common, but loud, almost angry noises, whether that’s the intent or not, tend to be kind of aggressive and can scare those kids that aren’t used to such things. It definitely gives the show a new kind of feel as well as a different identity that some people might not fully recognize, but the pounding quality of the lyrics and the theme is just a bit much. Now if it was set to become a more adolescent to adult-themed show then this might be perfect. Adults and adolescents are typically able to take this kind of aggressive sound and assimilate it into their thought processes a lot easier than smaller kids are.

An adult-themed Muppet Show would be interesting to say the least, but it would also kind of crush our childhoods in a way that doesn’t seem all that kind or necessary. If anything this should probably be taken as an attempt at mixing two things that do go together but in some way just fall way wide of the mark as to what’s acceptable for kids. Of course that’s highly subjective since a lot of people either don’t let their kids watch TV at all or don’t care what their kids watch so long as they learn the difference between fantasy and reality and how to differentiate between the two. If kids could somehow get used to the idea of the Muppet Show being broadcast with a heavy metal theme then maybe it would be okay, but honestly it seems like it would take more than a generation to get used to such a thing.

There are those that would say that this is simply appalling and that it crushes their childhood just to listen. Thankfully it’s easy enough to remember that this never happened in our childhood and as a mashup in this current era it’s easier to listen to and understand that it was someone’s great idea to show off to people. That takes a lot of the sting out of it.

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