Epic Game of Thrones Retro Theme Song Featuring Michael Bolton

Epic Game of Thrones Retro Theme Song Featuring Michael Bolton

I’m not sure which one of these was more laughable really, or more cringe-worthy. Listening to Michael Bolton belt out a  song to Game of Thrones though had to be up there. I understand the guy is a great singer and has done a lot in the course of his career but now that he’s doing projects like this I find myself shaking my head more often than not and wondering what he’s really doing and does he need the money that he’s probably getting from these.

Probably not, but that doesn’t stop the creative process.

That’s what it is lately, a chance to see how anything and everything can be pushed from a new angle or be produced to give the intention that it’s something new and innovative. These songs created for shows that are anything but upbeat are kind of like putting ketchup on pasta and calling it Ragu. You might not like my analogies but think this over really quick, as great as these artists are, and they are great without a doubt, they are still doing something that makes almost no sense and is humor for the sake of nothing else than strict curiosity.

It could be worse, these songs could actually be made into the them songs of each show which would probably turn off a lot of fans and somehow gain others to their cause. It’s a confusing whirl really of creativity and simple “huh?” mentality that seems to be geared towards parody created for the sake of something new. I mean really, Natasha Bedingfield’s song sounded like something out of a 1990’s sitcom, the song for This is Us is a Cheers knockoff and the one for Game of Thrones is, well, I’m not sure but it’s pure Michael Bolton, which means that it’s not Game of Thrones.

There’s no problem with this fundamentally, it’s simply confusing trying to figure out the WHY of these productions. Why anyone would do this, why these well-renowned musicians would bother with this project,  and why in the world did they have to pick some of the favorite shows on TV this year? I suppose it’s just a fun project for them to do and something that gets them paid and also keeps them relevant in the music industry. But don’t they already have stable careers? Aren’t they getting royalties from their songs and still getting paid from any endorsements they might make? This seems like it’s just plain silliness for silliness’ sake.

Maybe that’s the point of it. Every now and then people have to get silly it seems to avoid becoming to stale, to over-played, and even just to normalized. It’s definitely one way to stay busy and keep themselves in the loop I guess, but it just seems that it didn’t need to be done. Seriously, how many people are actually going to watch this?

And on that note is when I might be forced to eat my own words since this video has probably been viewed a few million times. Meh, it’s not the first time.



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