The Top Uses of Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” in Movies or TV

Bobby Darin shouldn’t be called a flash in the pan but unfortunately his life didn’t last all that long and so it might be a phrase that can be applied. But thanks to the sheer veracity of his music, especially the song Beyond the Sea, and its popularity throughout the world that flash was more like a miniature supernova going off when it came to his career. He was the guy that could do it all, from writing songs to performing them to acting and even playing multiple instruments. Yet he suffered from rheumatic fever when he was young and his health wasn’t all that great as he grew into adulthood. He passed away at the age of 37 during heart surgery, though his music had already made him a legend in the eyes of many.

Thankfully he had the forethought to use his talent while he had it.

5. Beyond the Sea

The movie takes on the task of detailing Darin’s life as he grows up and eventually meets Sandra Dee, his future wife. It tends to fictionalize some parts which is fairly normal for any movie that has the label of being a part of the biopic genre, but it stays true to his life for a good deal of the story. It even goes into detail how his mother was really his grandmother and his sister was his mother.

4. Strictly Come Dancing

This is one of the easiest songs to dance to that has been seen on this show and also one of the most pleasant for its outward charm and easy transition from one part of the track to the next. It’s also a favorite since a lot of people love to watch the dancers make their way across the floor to something that can move but doesn’t have such a hectic pace that it’s hard to follow.

3. Austin Powers: Goldmember

This could be a part of why no one ever took Dr. Evil seriously, largely because he was a silly character that fit the mold just perfectly. Mike Meyers was so adept at creating over the top characters that when it came to Austin Powers the only question was how he kept them all straight. It would have been hilarious to hear Dr. Evil talk like Fat Bastard or Austin Powers talking like Goldmember.

2. Goodfellas

This just seems like the type of music you would expect in a gangster movie, classic and well-composed. Goodfellas though was a mix of the more modern and more classic musical styles since its events took place in a more contemporary setting and detailed a time in history when a great amount of change was still being experienced throughout the country.

1. A Life Less Ordinary

It’s kind of an odd story but it has a lot to do with a down and out janitor that’s been fired by an uncaring boss taking a rich young woman for ransom and then eventually falling in love with her at some point in the story. It was a pretty popular movie when it first came out and then it fizzled rather quickly.

Bobby Darin was gone too soon.

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