All of the Windows Startup Sounds Performed on a Piano

You kind of have to wonder how each tone was selected for each startup, error mode, and so on and so forth when it comes to Windows. Did someone just sit there and experiment with each one until it sounded good to the ear? That makes some kind of sense, but it also sounds like a very long and drawn-out process that might take a while. There’s no denying that people have come to recognize Windows by these various sounds, but again, it’s hard to figure out just how they were selected. For years now people have trusted Windows no matter how much some people gripe about it and many have trusted their entire livelihoods to the software without so much as a hiccup in that faith as time goes on. In a way, this is a kind of habit when it comes to some people since they find something that works and they stick with it largely because they’ve never found anything that worked as well. For others, it’s the recommendations of others that do the trick since they trust various individuals and are certain that they wouldn’t steer them wrong. Of course, there are plenty of people that don’t care for Windows and will gladly seek out another operating system.

There is another question here and it has to do with the idea of everyone that bothers to go on YouTube to describe or show the various sounds that we hear on a daily basis and how they were devised. One might ask why they’re doing this and what the importance is, but if we didn’t hear such things regularly it’s also a good bet that we might tend to miss them and wonder where they went and why. The number of things that we as people take for granted is kind of insane when one really gets to thinking about it since there are some sounds that Windows has developed that we don’t want to hear, such as the error tones that indicate that something’s wrong, or perhaps even a few of the other tones since it might distract us from something we’re doing at that moment. But think about if there were no tones and no way to tell just what was happening while you were working. Without certain tones, pop-ups, or any other indications that have been created, it’s likely that a lot of people wouldn’t recognize an error from a normal function if they happened to see it.

When it’s revealed just who’s that computer-savvy and who isn’t it’s kind of amazing really since some folks know their error codes and when their system is about to take a huge dump on them while others can barely figure out what the different tones mean unless they have a dialogue box up and running to tell them what the issue is. Sometimes even that’s not enough since some of the messages are rather vague and don’t give a detailed explanation of the problem. Error codes aside, the tones are actually fairly important when it comes to being aware of what’s going on with a computer since otherwise, the only other indication would either be a dialogue box or the fact that a computer or at the very least a program will stop working correctly if whatever’s wrong isn’t fixed. And as many people can already attest to there are times when getting anything fixed on a computer can be rather costly depending on what it is and how extensive the damage is. Error codes and tones tell us that something isn’t right and it needs to be fixed, whether it’s minor and can be sorted out by just about anyone, or if it’s serious and needs an expert at the helm. when it comes to the opening and closing tones though the sound is rather nice and inviting or makes it feel as though the computer is wishing you a good day before checking out. Obviously someone knew what they were doing when they picked the sounds since each one can give a person the desired feeling that things are alright and looking up when turning on and turning off the computer. The other tones are fairly neutral and tend to reside along a spectrum that can see them assigned as tones that alert the user to those that merely indicate when something is connected or disconnected from the system, as with the USB ports.

It still boggles the mind a little bit to think that someone sits around coming up with tones in a certain manner so as to appease those that likely won’t remember the tone only five minutes after turning the computer on. But as I mentioned, if the tones weren’t there we’d likely miss them at some point, and it’s likely that a lot of people would have more problems with their computers from a lack of any warning.

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