The Best Uses of Alabama Songs in Movies or TV

Alabama has been credited with being one of the greatest country bands ever created, in fact they’ve even been said to be unsurpassed at this time when it comes to country bands since they’ve been so overwhelmingly successful. Initially each of them played in different bands before coming together to compile their individual talents into a group effort that would eventually take off and become such a sensation. At this point they have millions upon millions of records sold and upwards of 30 or more number one records that have made them very successful as well as very influential in the genre of country music. To think that there might be anyone that doesn’t know about them or hasn’t heard about them in passing is hard to fathom since they’ve been quite prominent for many years.

Here are some of their songs followed by the description of how they’re used in TV and movies.

5. Alabama – All Together Now

If you haven’t guessed it by now then you might not have grown up when Sesame Street was still insanely popular. But this was actually kind of a dark turn in Sesame Street when you think about it since Big Bird was told by a social worker that he couldn’t live with his friends on Sesame Street any longer and he was taken to a foster home. The big yellow bird escapes however and his friends from Sesame Street go on a search to find him. It’s all well and good that kids ask what different parts of life mean, but to be honest the idea of bringing a social worker into a show like Sesame Street and going through this kind of ordeal seems like it would be utterly confusing to children.

4. Alabama – Old Flame

A show that is developed in the style of The Americans is one that is no doubt created to play upon the fears of the many that still believe that the KGB are inserting various operatives into the US in an attempt to subvert the government and our very way of life. Even if such a thing was true it begs the question as to why the Soviet Union would bother in this day and age, as America is ripping itself apart without much help. But back in the 80s, when this show takes place, there was in fact a lot of paranoia about KGB spies and what people were really thinking on the inside. Shows such as this only reinforce those fears.

3.Alabama – Song of the South

It’s amazing how fame can pick a person up and then dump them unceremoniously on their back if they’re not careful. In Country Strong it’s shown that even stardom isn’t enough sometimes to keep a person on the straight and narrow, but it’s usually good for at least one more flash of greatness before one checks out for good. There’s a lot to say about someone that has a stellar career and then watches it all slip away without trying to fight as hard as they can. But there’s also something to be said for someone that will at least pull themselves up long enough to grant one last explosion of brilliance before letting it all go.

2. Alabama – Pass It On Down

Diggstown was one of the greatest movies ever made despite the fact that many seem to have forgotten it. James Wood and Louis Gossett Jr. were great as a buddy team despite not really being buddies throughout most of the film. The fact that Roy had to go through ten younger and much stronger men was kind of ludicrous, but in the high stakes world of gambling you don’t open your mouth unless you’ve got something to back it up with. The thing about Roy however is that he’s not a quitter and he’s not about to back down to the competition no matter how bad he gets hurt. That’s when you know you’re a fighter.

1. Alabama – (There’s A) Fire In the Night

Road House is by far and large one of the greatest movies ever made, without question. This movie was Patrick Swayze at his best and at his peak when it came to performing and just being the most awesome he can be. Even putting his role in Point Break at a very close second or even a tie wouldn’t be an insult since his role as Dalton was something between a Buddhist monk and a fighter without many that could equal him. The bad guys in the film seemed a little weak but overall the combination of fighters and manipulators was enough to even the score just a bit, making Dalton break his own rules and be not so nice.

It’s a little frustrating to not find the movie clips that go with these songs, but at the very least if you’re that curious now you can go and watch them for yourselves and figure out just where Alabama shows up in each one.

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