The Best Uses of Rita Ora Songs in Movies or TV

Rita Ora is one of those individuals that does a little bit of everything but does one thing particularly well, and that’s singing. She has a voice that’s rather impressive and allows her to be one of the hottest stars in the music industry at this point. Obviously it’s not something that everyone gets into but there are enough of those that have come to enjoy her sound that she’s become an icon and a rather big celebrity on the scene in the past several years. Having started singing at a young age Rita has had plenty of time to hone her talent and therefore become the star she is today. While some folks might have their issues and hangups about certain artists it’s kind of confusing to hear any disparaging comments about Rita no matter that people have their opinions and are going to voice them from time to time.

Here are a few of her songs that have been used in movies and TV.

5. Strictly Come Dancing – Let Me Love You

The dancing shows that come on TV are actually pretty entertaining as the movements are often so well-rehearsed that the dancers don’t tend to make that many mistakes and it’s even baffling to think of how the judges might score them down when they seem to do so well. But the treat that is given when the stars are allowed to sing their own songs on the stage is even better since it adds a touch of what many fans might want to the show and no doubt boosts the ratings just a little bit at least as they bring with them the fans that want to see them and attract more attention that they might not have received otherwise.

4. Fifty Shades Freed – For You

Being rich obviously doesn’t get rid of one’s problems since after Ana becomes pregnant Jack Hyde returns and kidnaps her sister. Christian, who is anxious about becoming a father and not at all ready does manage to pull it together to come to the rescue and save Ana, finally coming to terms with the fact that he’s going to be a father. The idea that he and Ana would spend their younger years just having fun is a serious face-palm moment for many people despite the romanticized version of this life. It’s kind of interesting to see how fans dropped off from the first to the third movie in droves.

3. Supergirl – Coming Home

It’s always interesting to find out things about superheroes that you might have have known before, but Supergirl is one that you wouldn’t think could trump her cousin Superman in any way, shape, or form. They’re keeping her somewhat subdued in the show it would seem but in the comics she is actually more efficient with her powers than Superman is and has been seen to be a little bit older, as in the comics she’s able to remember Krypton before it become so much intergalactic dust. It’s just about time to see a Supergirl movie is what a lot of fans seem to be thinking, and if the DCEU wants to stay competitive it might want to think about doing it soon.

2. Empire – NY Raining

This show is something that you might expect the music industry to look like and you might not be too far off the mark if all the stories are true. But it’s also a good bit of entertainment since the controlling family that has been dominant for so long since the show was first released has been nothing but ruthless and determined to keep their power and influence throughout everything. Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson have done a lot in bringing their characters to life and in a sense have been the major anchors for the show that have helped it to stay grounded and to flourish.

1. Beyond the Lights – Grateful

The pressure of fame and success seem to be a constant theme in some of today’s shows and movies that show just how hard it really is to really weather everything. If this was the case for everyone however, and it isn’t despite the cases that do occur, then you would think that a lot of people would gladly stay away from show business. In this film however it’s shown that the power of love is at times great enough to bring someone back from the brink and keep them from doing any further harm to themselves. It’s a fantastical and idealistic way to live, but it’s still a belief that many cling to, and one that many would gladly hold as close as possible.

Rita Ora is, for all intents and purposes, a very talented singer and someone that happens to be good at quite a few things. It might be easy to envy her, but speaking ill of her should be something that comes with some difficulty.

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