The Top Uses of Imagine Dragons Songs in Movies or TV

It’s with some personal bias that I say that the Imagine Dragons have come on the scene and been absolutely awesome in the past few years but it’s also with some professionalism to say that it’s not a complete surprise. When one of their most popular songs, Radioactive, came on the scene they were just getting started and quite honestly it’s been kind of a successful run from there. Their sound is something that uses a lot of percussion and tends to slam heavily into the body and the ear drums but with such a pleasing amount of tension and bass that you can’t help but feel energized by it and find yourself wanting more. If it’s not your type of music then so be it but honestly there’s something intimately appealing about the adrenaline that can be allowed to flow when this band is at their best.

Here are some of their best songs in TV and movies.

5. Murder On the Orient Express – Believer

Any good detective that can see past the lies and to the truth is often beset upon by their own conscience when it comes to unveiling the killer or killers behind a nefarious plot. But in this case Poirot kind of has to swallow the bitter irony of the case that he’s forced to conduct when a man is stabbed several times by the entire compliment of passengers on a train as they all knew of him and had something to do with the family of the girl he murdered. In this case mob justice won out since the detective deduced that the man had earned his death, though it no doubt would not sit well with them thereafter.

4. Transformers: Age of Extinction – Battle Cry

People have been up and down on the issue of the Transformers and their popularity as the movies have continued to roll out. Yes that was a pun, but in this film the one bright spot seemed to be that they finally introduced the Dinobots and quite honestly they were pretty impressive. Those diehard fanboys and girls that want to rail on and on about the source material not being used enough need to chill just a bit it would seem. The story has been suffering but the effects have been increasing in scope and in how impressive they really are. It’s going to be interesting to see how the next movie handles Unicron, if it does at all.

3. Madden NFL 18 – Whatever It Takes

Anyone remember what football games used to be like on the average game system? The players were barely recognizable blobs garbed in the colors of the teams that could be played and the whole idea of it was something that moved at a snails pace compared to what we have now. Now the hits are so bone-crunchingly loud you can actually feel yourself wince when a play is made, the detail is insane, and the movements, while not quite perfect yet, are still so fluid and life-like in a way that in another game or three it might actually seem like you’re watching the game live.

2. Lip Sync Battle Shorties – Radioactive

Kids can get their lip sync on too and they do a pretty good job with it since, well, let’s put it this way, a lot of kids don’t have the hangups that many adults have about performing in front of people. Kids might get stage fright too, but in a situation like this when it’s okay to just cut loose and go with it a lot of kids don’t need to be told twice to just have fun with the whole thing and go for broke. This is one of those songs that lends itself to grand movements and wide, sweeping gestures in order to make the point of the song and express the feelings that it brings to the listener, and the kid does a great job.

1. Suicide Squad – Sucker for Pain

However much you might want to put Suicide Squad down you can say one thing for it at least, it did have a decent soundtrack. There were bright spots in the movie and action sequences that made it worth watching, but overall a lot of people seemed to agree that this was one more dark spot on the DCEU landscape that’s been keeping them firmly behind the MCU for a few years running now. In truth if they developed the squad a bit and made some amendments to the story line there could be some hope on the horizon for a sequel and it could be something that’s wrth watching.

The Imagine Dragons have had songs featured all over TV and movies and even in commercials over the years and have become one of the most well-known bands around. It’s a hope that they’ll stick around for a while since their new stuff is just as potent.

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