The Top Uses of Peter Gabriel Songs in Movies or TV

Peter Gabriel is the kind of guy you would call a musical genius without feeling as though you’re stretching the truth. He was the original lead singer of Genesis and he’s been a solo artist for a long, long time now. His songs have been featured in everything from TV shows to movies to commercials and beyond. He’s done so much more than music that he even earned a Man of Peace award and has been called one of the most influential people of all time. He’s the kind of musician that other musicians don’t dare talk badly about simply because he is that great.

That’s the kind of status that only a handful of people ever reach in their lives.

5. Stranger Things-Heroes

There was a lot of pain and tragedy in Stranger Things, but thinking that they’d found Will’s body after Eleven had said that he was alive and well was something of a shock for the guys. They’d already been under a lot of stress at that point and one more thing to haunt them wasn’t what they needed. But thankfully as we’ve already figured out Will was returned to his family and things have finally gone back to an even keel, kind of.

4. Scrubs-Book of Love

Scrubs was always a funny show but there was also the dramatic undercurrent that was always there and always ready to pop up to let people know there was a serious side to it as well. Eventually the gang would have to split up and go their own ways, but it wasn’t really known just where everyone would end up when it came down to it, or what would happen to them outside of the hospital walls.

3. WALL-E-Down to Earth

WALL-E was one of the only members of his kind left that was still functioning and as a result he was all alone on a world that was just getting close to rebuilding itself. The movie was kind of a sad testament to what humanity had allowed things to become, though thanks to the little robot things started to look up when he found the single plant growing in the darkness of a closed refrigerator.

2. Rebound-Sledgehammer

It seems like every other team in grade school has a kid this big that’s used just for the purpose of blocking out and scoring simply because no one else can reach the ball when they have it. That’s a sound strategy so long as the kid can actually play ball and put it in the hoop. Otherwise they’re just a big kid on the court that doesn’t know which way to run.

1. Say Anything-In Your Eyes

You don’t get to pick who your kids hang around with and eventually fall in love with. That’s the truth of it, but some parents still try everything they can to break up a happy couple and eventually just make things worse. In the end though if it’s supposed to happen then it usually will somehow.

It bears saying again, Peter Gabriel is a musical genius.

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