The Best Uses of Fergie Songs in Movies or TV

Fergie’s been around for longer than a lot of people seem to think since she was a part of the first six seasons of Kids Incorporated, a TV show that a lot of us growing up in that era likely remember but has been kind of lost to time. Since that time however she’s been big into the music scene and has seen a lot of success with the Black Eyed Peas and even on her own. Her solo career however kind of rose to a high point and then started making a descent as she went back to the BEP for a while while still continuing to do her own thing. She’s got the voice and the talent, but for some reason her solo career never really sustained itself for a long period of time. That she’s still around is obvious but the fact that she’s better as part of a group is something that a lot of people would be willing to debate about.

Here are a few of her songs that have been among the most popular in TV and movies.

5. Fergie – Glamorous

There’s no doubt that Fergie is quite attractive and has a very nice voice, but something about her just doesn’t seem to attract a lot of notice unless she’s with a group, as though a solo act is just not in the cards all the time. When she first came out as a solo act people were all over her and wanting to see what she had. Once she gave what she could though things kind of calmed down and there was nothing left in the tank so to speak. In the song she speaks as though she remembers a simple life when things weren’t quite so nuts and fast-paced, but it’s kind of obvious she’s been enjoying her time in the spotlight as well.

4. Epic Movie – Fergalicious

For some reason this clip doesn’t want to show but it’s the moment from Epic Movie when the kids find themselves locked in a nightmarish version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The ever-demented looking Crispin Glover plays the deranged candyman and proceeds to take each one of the kids to a number of torture devices where a piece of their body is removed to help make his devilish candies. If the original and the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were considered creepy in one way or another this film took that idea and went sailing over the top by a good country mile.

3. American Idol – Big Girls Don’t Cry

Confession time, this is actually one of my favorite Fergie songs since it’s got the type of sound and feeling to it that makes a person actually get just a little bit emotional now and again when they hear it. It’s also something that a lot of people have felt confident enough to try and sing during a karaoke moment that’s kind of ill-advised since if you don’t have the voice for it you’re likely going to butcher the song and think you’re doing just fine. That being said, the song is one that’s nice to simply sit back and listen to on a day when you’re in need of a bit of self-reflection or when you just want to relax for a moment or two.

2. Men in Black International – London Bridge

Some people are already groaning over this since they believe that there’s no way that Agents K and J could ever be replaced or improved upon, while others are seeing past that picture to realize that this movie is taking place in a different location than New York. So yes, Chris and Tessa have starred in Thor together and a lot of rumors and theories are going around about Thor and Valkyrie being neuralized and taken into the MIB. But thankfully you can put those to rest since it’s going to be something else that’s hopefully going to be pretty funny as well as entertaining as the first one at least.

1. Neighbors – London Bridge

There comes a time when you really have to realize that you’re younger days are behind you and you’re not about that life anymore. When you have a kid and are married and tend to go bed early at night while a lot of people younger than you are still up partying then it might be time to recognize that you’re getting old. A lot of people don’t want to admit this, but of course that’s not what this scene is about since the couple trying to sell their home are attempting to get the two leading members of the fraternity to fight, thereby breaking up the group and sending them all on their way. Yeah, nice thought, but it takes a little more than that.

Fergie is a great singer, she just needs a little something extra to really propel a solo career.

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