The Best Uses of Black Eyed Peas Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Black Eyed Peas Songs in Movies or TV

The Black Eyed Peas went through a great deal of transition before finding their signature sound and becoming one of the most well-known groups in music history. Fergie didn’t even appear until their third album if you can believe that and eventually she went on a solo trek that saw a good deal of success. Will I. Am even went on to act in a couple of movies, as did Fergie, while the group’s future was in question a few times throughout the years. They pulled away from the rap scene gradually as they started developing their own sound and became something far different that people were willing to listen to and found quite refreshing as they began to get into their groove. Throughout the past couple of decades they’ve changed things up a bit now and again, but the BEP have made a legacy for themselves that has been capable of transcending generations so far.

Here are some of their songs as they appear in movies and TV.

5. Take the Lead – Feel It

If the music in this film doesn’t get you moving then you might want to check your pulse. Quite simply this film is all about a bunch of school rejects that no one really thinks have a chance in hell of doing anything great with their lives, but when a music and dance teacher volunteers to instruct them it’s found, through some hardship, that they’re worth far more than anyone wanted to admit. Each one of them has something to prove to each other and by the end of the film they’ve shown that the people that believed them to be rejects aren’t just wrong, they’re blind to the truth of what they can do, at least until they get up and do it.

4. The Big Bang Theory – I Gotta Feeling

This kind of proves that the BEP’s are for everyone since a lot of folks might have a problem believing that anyone aside from a few noted individuals from this show would be interested in this kind of music. But then again when you really think about it music is such an enlightening aspect of life that not listening to it and occasionally finding the ability to sing along is something that not many people would be able to do. Sometimes the music simply touches you in a way that you can’t help but feel and resonate with as you do your best to get into the rhythm and just go with it.

3. Hot Tub Time Machine – Let’s Get It Started

When a group of friends visit and old ski lodge in search of a reason to hang around one another they stumble upon a strangely glowing hot tub that only an hour or so before was completely dry and filled with a dead animal and a great deal of filth. So of course they hop in and start drinking to reminisce about the good old times and just get wasted. When they wake in the morning however they don’t realize until a bit later that they’ve gone back in time to the year when they’re lives changed forever. Now they have a chance to make things right in their lives, and despite their hesitance they end up doing very well upon returning to their own time.

2. The Hangover Part 2 – Imma Be

Leave it to Alan to be the link to finding out just what went down the night before Stu’s wedding when, as before, they all got wasted and went on an adventure that took them through a city they didn’t know, losing Stu’s soon to be brother-in-law, and of course having another run in with Leslie Chow. You would almost think that Alan would be kicked out of the wolf pack at this point since he’s been the one causing the problems the last two movies and has ended up almost wrecking the lives of his friends. But of course that would be heartless and too simple and would deprive us of the rest of the movie.

1. Jackass 3 – Boom Boom Pow

What can you say about Jackass? They don’t make apologies, at least not on camera, and they certainly don’t have any trouble performing in front of people, even when it’s a cringe-worthy moment that many people might shy away from and consider beneath them. That’s the whole point of the movie though, they’re out to disgust and annoy people and pull as many stunts and pranks as they can in order to get attention, and that’s what has made the movies and the show so great and earned them so many fans. Eventually the guys went their own way as even pranksters and daredevils have to grow up eventually, but at the very least we still have the movies to remember them by.

Let’s get it started in here.

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