The Top Uses of Judas Priest Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Judas Priest Songs in Movies or TV

Judas Priest formed in 1969 in West Bromwich, England. As of now they have the distinction of being known as one of the top metal bands of all time, and have earned that reputation after having sold over 50 million records worldwide. It’s debatable to say just popular they are at this date but there are plenty of old school rockers and metalheads that still listen to their albums and would gladly defend them to the very end. As metal bands go they aren’t easily topped, if at all, and their legacy has been firmly cemented many years ago.

Almost fifty years since they were formed they’re still around. That’s impressive.

5. The Simpsons-Breaking the Law

To be honest this might break any Judas Priest fan to hear one of their favorite groups in the world taking a reverse stance on their own song, but it’s still pretty funny. The Simpsons have always been known for bringing guest stars on the show and twisting them somehow to fit their own idea of what would make the show a little funnier. You’ve got admit it’s kind of amusing to see a metal band talk about respecting the law.

4. Beavis and Butthead-Breaking the Law

This song just fits the idea of Beavis and Butthead since they’re almost never on the right side of the law and the kind of stuff they tend to do would be considered petty if not highly illegal. The thing about this is though that the two of them have only ever been seen as a nuisance and their idea of breaking the law is more or less making an even bigger nuisance of themselves. It’s the spirit of it that counts though, right?

3. Bride of Chucky-Bloodstained

It would seem as though even psychotic, killer dolls get lonely at times and need someone there for companionship. That’s not the whole story obviously but it makes a lot better headline if you really look at it. Come on, killers have feelings too, even if they’re creepy and bound to be more about finding out what your liver looks by hacking it out of your body. Chucky became a cult icon that is still around to this day, oy.

2. Johnny Be Good-Johnny B. Goode

This song was taken from Chuck Berry and given a metal twist but it became something that’s easy to recognize but is still more than able to be its own entity. Some of the older songs that get snapped up by artists that have been around for a while can at times be made into something that a new generation can vibe to in a way that they couldn’t with the original.

1. Guitar Hero-You Got Another Thing Coming

Hats off to those that can reach Expert level on Guitar Hero, as their fingers must be flying across the keys. Of course there are those that just mash the keys as quickly as they can in an attempt to get past a difficult song or level. But those that are truly skilled are the ones whose fingers are flying across the controller.

Judas Priest is still going strong to this day.

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