The Best Uses of John Mayer Songs in Movies or TV

There are times when people create things and focus upon their goals in such an intent way that they are considered to be unbalanced and even slightly crazy. John Mayer’s parents had him checked out not long after his dedication to his music began as he was entirely focused on his music and nothing else. But when it was deemed he was okay his parents did manage to lighten up and perhaps realized that he was simply living out the life he wanted for himself, falling into his creations in much the same way that many artists across the world do. The amusing thing about Mayer is that his two big inspirations were Marty McFly from Back to the Future and Stevie Ray Vaughan. They were the initial sparks that created his love for music and helped him to really get started on his own path as he blazed forward to the career he has at this time.

5. Get Hard – Daughters

This is what happens when one of the whitest men in the world attempts to make a movie about going to prison and then attempts to play upon stereotypes that don’t apply in any way to the first person of color he sees. In other words Will Ferrell made a movie with Kevin Hart about a white guy that would be gang-tackled and raped in prison unless he learned from a black man how to ‘be hard’. While Ferrell fans might have loved this movie it did kind of derail a few times despite having funny and out of control moments. But it did have at least a few redeeming qualities, John Mayer being one of those.

4. Glee – Say

There’s so much you could say about this show but a lot of it tends to center around the idea that it’s all about the glee club and that everything else is kind of secondary. But if you’ve ever watched the show you would know that of course the glee club is the main point, it is after all the name of the show. But there are plenty of other aspects that are touched upon and highlighted during the program that were enticing enough for people to continue watching. Plus, any show that features Jane Lynch for any amount of time is worth at least a little bit of attention since she’s just hilarious and a good actor all at the same time.

3. The Bucket List – Say

Most people don’t want to know when they’re going to die, and even more than that don’t want to go out with any regrets. It does happen, we’re human after all, and having regrets is pretty natural. But in order to get around that sometimes it’s necessary to act the fool, even if you get the feeling that others are going to look at you as though you’ve lost every last marble you ever had. The point of this movie though is to enjoy what you’ve got while you have it, not to sit around wondering what could have been and what you might have done if only you had more time. That’s not living, that’s daydreaming about a life.

2. Cars – Route 66

This was a good movie when it came out, and in fact it’s still a good movie since it’s fun and engaging for kids and adults alike. Like many other kid movies there are jokes and material that kids might not get right away but adults will pick up on immediately. But there’s so much other fun stuff in the film to pay attention to that kids don’t seem to mind and in some cases don’t even notice. The use of professional actors for the voices, as has been done for many years now, is another touch that animated features have been wise to employ in order to get the attention of adults as well.

1. The Karate Kid – Say

Moving is never easy, but when you’re moving to an entirely different country on an entirely different continent it gets harder still. Leaving behind everything and everyone you ever knew to go to a place that you have almost no knowledge of can be terrifying for many people, but for Dre it’s more or less something he has to deal with. Of course, this being a movie that highlights the differences between countries, Dre has a lot of difficulties in finally getting his feet under him when it comes to their new home. But once he meets and befriends Mr. Han things start to take a different turn and appear to be alright.

John Mayer has a kind of hypnotic voice that you can’t help but like in many ways but he’s also the kind of guy that you can’t help but identify with if you’re an artist in any sense of the word. Sometimes you feel a bit nuts, but showing it to the world does help occasionally.Back to the Future

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