The Best Uses of Seal’s Song, “Kiss From a Rose” in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Seal’s Song, “Kiss From a Rose” in Movies or TV

Seal has been known far and wide as one of the greatest singers of his time and has endured throughout the decades thanks to his unique sound and even his appearance since he’s hard to miss. The scars on his face are caused by a type of lupus, but despite the reputation of the disease it would seem that he’s managed to lead a long and fulfilling career entertaining people all over the world to great effect. Despite having a great many songs that people enjoy however, Kiss from a Rose is by far one of his most endearing and also one of the most popular. People tend to sing this song on a regular basis at times largely because while it has greater ranger than many would-be singers, it’s still one of the songs on Seal’s list that is easy enough to emulate since there’s a great deal of passion within the notes and it allows for long stretches in which the tone doesn’t change all that much.

Here are a few good examples of the song in movies and TV.

5. Vacation

Anyone else get the feeling that the Vacation movies kind of went downhill after Christmas Vacation? The first movie was great, the European Vacation wasn’t all that wonderful except in various spots, and the Vegas Vacation was kind of ‘meh’. It’s a matter of opinion really, but the first one and the Christmas Vacation seemed like the best. This was a valiant attempt to push a new generation forward and allow it to flourish as the first few did. But quite honestly it fell pretty flat no matter that it had some of the greatest actors of the current era in it. Perhaps it’s time to realize that some classics need to be left alone.

4. Lip Sync Battle

This is the kind of song that just gives itself over to lip syncing since it’s so expressive that all a person has to do is follow the overall tone and not mess up the words too badly. Plus the fact that people love the song is great enough that many will cheer once they hear the background music hit. Add to that the fact that the people on stage performing are already considered to be widely popular and you’ve got an instant good time that a lot of fans will be cheering for since that’s the whole point of the show. There are simply some songs that are more prone to being loved by the audience though.

3. Sing

If you couldn’t tell the singers that would eventually go onstage were predetermined by whose stories were being followed in the beginning of the movie. While a few of those that auditioned were pretty good it was kind of hard to think that too many of them would be selected as performers since none of them had been introduced before the auditions. Still, it was fun to hear the range of songs that were presented in the auditions and to hear a few songs that you don’t hear all that often any longer. In fact this moment was featured pretty heavily in the trailers, perhaps making people think that this sheep would be part of the act.

2. Batman Forever

Batman really took a nosedive after Tim Burton’s first attempt, and it just got worse and worse as the movies kept rolling on. Val Kilmer was a big star at the time he took this role, but at the same time it would have been better if he’d said “no thanks” and gone on his way. He wasn’t the worst Batman to ever put on the cape and cowl, but he certainly wasn’t the best. The one thing that this movie had going for it however, besides the fact that Jim Carrey was in it, was the fact that it had a killer soundtrack and was able to really entertain with the music that was featured in the movie and on the CD.

1. So You Think You Can Dance

Good music and dancing can be like poetry in motion if the movements are choreographed well enough to blend with the track. In this case the track was sped up for some reason, which almost seems like a mistake, but the couple accommodates by moving quicker and creating a slightly more energetic routine. Still it would be nice to hear the song at regular speed and to see if they had the skill to check their speed and move a bit slower so as to make it a little more elegant and less like a TV show. The one thing about music and the dancing that accompanies it is that the harmony you can see between the two is often mesmerizing as well as enchanting.

The man is a true talent and is a lot of fun to listen to.

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