The Best Uses of Josh Groban Songs in Movies or TV

Going off to live the high life definitely appeals to some people, and Josh Groban is no exception. You could state that it’s a careful consideration of whether more schooling will be a benefit or if one needs to take the chance when it’s presented to them, but it ultimately becomes a matter of whether a person feels they’re comfortable enough to go out and sing in front of others, or if they’re still in need of a bit of wisdom and education that will go along with it. Groban took the chance to get out and start a career while he had it, though being so young and not quite sure of himself it seems that he needed a bit of guidance, which he got thankfully, and eventually became a well-respected and award-winning singer. Sometimes it’s all a matter of taking a risk and seeing how things turn out.

Here are some of his performances on TV and in movies.

5. Emmys 2008 – TV Themes

This was more or less for comical purposes but he did a great job. His voice managed to develop into something that became adaptable and versatile enough that he can switch gears without pause and can keep moving forward without hesitation. Like all musicians it’s a matter of what people want to hear and what they’ll accept, but if you sit and listen to anyone in the industry you can at least comment on what they do wonderfully and where you think they might need some work. But the records sold and awards won seem to make it clear that opinions don’t really go that far in light of what people want.

4. Dancing With The Stars – Raise Me Up

DTWS is a fun show to watch sometimes since the dancers do really get into their routine and tend to lose themselves for moments at a time if they’re in sync with one another. But in this episode the woman didn’t seem to realize that Josh Groban had stepped out onto the stage until her partner clued her in to the fact. When she saw him she almost lost her poise but was quick to get back into the dance, perhaps energized that Groban had made the appearance. There is a certain element to music that makes it possible to really get into the mood and the method behind the lyrics, but sometimes just the appearance of the singer in turn is enough to get a person more on point than anything.

3. Troy – Remember Me

Ask any historian about the Trojan War being real and they will tell you with a definitive ‘no’ that it was not. But ask any moviegoer if the movie was in fact inspiring and very well done and they will likely give a resounding yes unless they’re not a fan of such films. The whole idea behind it was the glory, the undeniable glory that was sought on the battlefield and the simple request that those who died be remembered. Now history might not support Homer’s classic tale but one thing is clear, this was good enough for movie fans to picture a tale of such epic proportions that it could only be called a classic that will likely stick around for a while.

2. Beauty and the Beast – Evermore

You can believe that this tale is a way to describe the true nature of humanity and what it can cost us or you can look at it as realists might, an example of Stockholm Syndrome. The second is kind of a depressing way to view the story but it is one that unfortunately makes a little bit of sense at least. Those that truly value this tale however will still be enchanted by it and the undeniably amazing way the live action movie was carried out. From the characters to the story line it was kept very much intact and provided a great deal of entertainment for those that were eager to see this wonderful story brought to life.

1. The Polar Express – Believe

As we get older we lose belief in the things we once knew to be true as children. We didn’t need to see them because our belief was enough, and our parents, bless them, usually let us believe in the magic without chiming in with the harsh dose of reality we received upon getting older. Even those of us that are now adults would prefer to believe in this magical world that exists just beyond our own, as it offers so much more in the way of wonder and excitement. Perhaps we just need to open our eyes and look at things from a different perspective, then we can restore a bit of the magic to share with our kids.

Josh Groban has a great voice and an awesome reputation that is well-deserved.

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