The Top Uses of Loretta Lynn Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Loretta Lynn Songs in Movies or TV

Loretta Lynn is one of those artists that a lot of people know about but that time and the growing industry has kind of relegated to a past that is still there but has to take a back seat to expedience and the budding talent that continues to come forth as the industry continues to grow. Without her though a lot of people wouldn’t have had the kind of inspiration that she’s brought with her career. She was given her first guitar by her husband at the time and was encouraged to put her musical talent to use. Ever since that point she’s been one of the most important pioneers in music that ever lived and has helped to pave the way for those that came after her. At one point radio stations didn’t want to play her songs due to the content and the subject matter. But eventually Loretta managed to push her way into the mainstream and became one of the greatest performing artists of all time.

Here are a few instances of her brilliance and talent.

5. True Blood-Release Me

This seems like an odd song to put into a vampire show but there’s been stranger things done in film and TV. The show is about the fact that vampires and humans now live in peace, for the most part, thanks to synthetic blood. But there are still those among the vampire ranks that want to feed on humans that manage to keep the old feuds alive and well.

4. Grand Ole Opry-You Ain’t Woman Enough

Loretta was a regular at the Grand Ole Opry and was lauded as one of the greatest female country stars to ever set foot on the stage. This was high praise back in a time when women were still considered to be less talented than men and weren’t often given leave to do their own thing without some kind of direction. Loretta was definitely a pioneer of the country genre.

3. Loretta Lynn-Coal Miner’s Daughter

A lot of her songs had to do with the events of her life and what she’d been through. These events had the effect of directing what went into her songs and what kind of emotion it was given. As it was relayed above a lot of radio stations didn’t want to play her songs largely because she dealt with a lot of issues that were considered impolite to speak of back in those days.

2. The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh-Is It Love, Must Be Love

This is definitely an unorthodox way of creating a winning basketball team. When the Pittsburgh Pythons become the Pittsburgh Pisces their luck starts to change and they start looking like a winning basketball team. The whole plot centers around the team picking players that are born under the astrological sign of Pisces, which is a little weird, but it seems to have worked.

1. The Muppet Show-You’re Looking At Country

The Muppets became a stage show where pretty much any celebrity could do something great and be considered as a family-friendly person. This was pretty cool since it allowed the celebrities to just play around and show their silly side, as well as their talents.

Loretta Lynn is one of the big reasons why women in country music are as popular as they are now.

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